Saturday, October 2, 2010

One More Year...........

Yesterday was my birthday. 61. One more year and I'll be collecting the Big money...Social Security. Now we start the countdown. I can't wait. BH and I have lots of plans......lots of plans.

So yesterday started out all rainy and cold. It was supposed to be beautiful, sunny. We ventured out for the day. I found a wool shop in western MN. that was listed in the SpinOff magazine. Actually I found 2.

First we stopped for breakfast; went and renewed the car registration and we were on our way. We drove for an hour through familiar surroundings before we were in new areas. About 1 1/2 hours later, we reached our destination. Nice little town. Very cute shop. She is an Ashford dealer; sells yarns, roving, new fibers like seashell(?) something. You know, it's very shiny; looks like silk. No, not the fiber made from corn, but the other new stuff. And she has equipment and lots and lots of do-dads --- buttons, needles, patterns, stitch holders, stitch counters, etc.

So I bought a swift. I've been wanting one for years but always choked on the price of them! Well she had 3 different styles and the prices were very reasonable. So I picked one out - $45.00. All wood; adjustable. Haven't tried it yet. That's on the schedule for next week; I have 7 bobbins to be skeined and washed.

Also got 2 sets of knitting needles; the bamboo kind. And a package of these new intarsia bobbins that just came out. The look cool -- even though they look like breast implants (hard plastic, though. Ouch!!) They're called "E-Z Bobs". I got the large ones - 4 in a pack. This should be interesting.

On the way home, BH asked me what else I need in the way of equipment for spinning. Ehhhh, nothing I can think of (yet!). I think I'm pretty well set now.

*4 wheels *32 bobbins
*Kniddy knoddy *Tons of wool rovings and batts
*Yardage counter *Swift
*Ball winder

Yep, I think that covers it. For now. Geezz. I better get at it.

Son came up for fishing again. He and BH left at 4:45am. The temp was 36 degrees. Nuts! They're planning on going out tomorrow too. The radio reports tomorrow morning will be 28 degrees. We'll see how this goes.

Chicken Cacciatore for supper tonight. Without fail. I've been dying for this.

Daughter is still having problems. Did I tell you she was tested for a stomach bacteria that causes ulcers? Yep. She has the bacteria. It's supposed to be a long process and a lot of medications to get rid of. Well, the medication is causing her more problems. But the Doc told her not to stop the pills and to get Imodium.

She's had stomach problems ever since she has a wicked cold about a month ago. She just can't seem to get over anything. One symptom goes away and 2 more pop up. Good Lord!! So I get about 8 phone calls a day from her. Questions and "what should I do?" "What do ya think that means?" , etc.

Well I better get ready for work. 11 months and 30 days to go. Maybe. There's always unemployment. Hmmmm. How could I manage that?!