Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tis the Season.......

No....not that season.  You know......SPRING!!  Yes, dear friends, we finally got Spring!!  And the adrenalin is pumping!

A belated very Happy Mother's Day to you all.  I sure hope you enjoyed it whichever way you wanted.

So, you know we're hoping to sell our home by October and move into this fabulous apartment we saw last Fall and I absolutely fell in love with it.

Now the fun begins.  BH has been working over in the old farm house for over a month.  Sorting, bagging, boxing, burning and dumping.  I finally got the wallpaper and paint....yeah....about a month ago.  And last Monday I started peeling off the old paper and borders.  Took me 4 days.  I do not work fast.  Nor do I work all day, stop for supper, and go back at it again in the evening til 10:00pm.   Those days are long well as my energy level.

But at least I do get at it.  Just finished putting the second coat of paint on the spare room and the one length of the hallway.  The other length, the one facing the addition the previous owners put on, will be done in that wallpaper that looks like plaster.....and then you paint it.

We are also in the midst of preparing for the BIG Yard Sale to be held on Memorial Day weekend.  Providing it doesn't rain.  Because we don't have a garage.  The bad news is we have to post the ad in the newspaper this Friday, pay for it, with the written caveat that if it rains, said sale will be held the following weekend.  Providing it doesn't rain.

I have to give BH credit.  He has done most of the gathering.  I just have to sort it out, clean it up a bit and put the price tags on.  Our 3 sons (not to be confused with the TV show "My 3 Sons") will be coming up next Friday to help haul out the tables and all the crap  collectables and desirable articles.

Also that weekend, one son will be installing a new kitchen window for us.  Can't wait for that being that the present one opens just about 4 inches -- and that's it.  Our windows are the crank-out kind and I do believe the crank is worn out.

The other son doesn't know it yet (he probably plans on going fishing) but BH needs help cleaning up all the hay on the north side of the house.  Not a task to be taken lightly.  Nor quickly.  Son is in for a big surprise!

And we expect that 3rd son will be working on his second car that he's been trying to get back in shape to sell since last Fall.  This is my "motorhead".  Bought a brand new Focus in 2001 and within the year, started ripping things out to boost power and make it more of a sports car.  High performance this and that.  So now the intention is to restore it back to "stock".   This needs to be done.  He needs to get it up and running and out of here because.......we're moving.

So in the meantime, the gardens have not been cleaned up.  The yard ornaments and solar lights are not outside yet.  There are no planters with beautiful flowers in the front flower bed.  The weekwacking needs to be done.

Our winter clothes are still in the closets and drawers.  I just pray that we don't go full swing into summer within the next 2 weeks.

BH still needs to get to the big box home improvement store.  He has to replace the skirting on one side of the mobile home.  And we need to replace 2 doors in the house.

The only super big job left inside is to fix the ceiling, caulk the moulding and re-paint the family room.  After that, and once we're signed up with the Realtor, I will be taking one room at a time and cleaning thoroughly, packing up unnecessaries as I go.

BH will be cutting the grass.  And sorting and packing  everything else in the farm house that's going into the roll-off dumpster that we need to rent.  After Memorial Day weekend. 

Our granddaughter graduates high school the first Friday in June.  6:00pm.  900 graduates.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  900 graduates.

It might be adviseable to bring flashlights.

And then she leaves for Basic Training with the National Guard on July 29.   I hope we'll be able to spend a couple of weeks with her before that.  She won't be home for 9 months.  They're shipping her off to Tech school after she graduates Basic.

So that's my story.  Don't know when I'll be back here again.  Maybe some rainy, dark, cold day.  That's my day off.  My adrenalin does not pump on those kind of days.