Saturday, February 21, 2015


Yep....that's how we feel.   From a beautiful, abnormal January right into the February deep freeze.  Funny how from one month to the next can change your whole attitude and outlook.

Well, the sweater knitting is still in progress.  Working on the right side now; still have the back and left side to do.  I try to knit sweaters in the round even if the pattern doesn't call for it.  I hate seaming.  And while it seems like you're knitting and knitting forever and getting nowhere, when you stop and put it all in perspective, the whole sweater is 1/2 done.  Not just a section.  And that's a good feeling.

I didn't tell you that granddaughter who's in the National Guard got her notice last month.  She's being deployed to Kuwait in May; she'll be gone for 7 - 8 months they say.  Only 20 from her unit got the order.  And they're all helicopter mechanics.  She's too smart for her own good.....and I'm sick at heart.

She called last night to say that the situation with her roommates has escalated; that she and her boyfriend will be moving out of their rental next weekend instead of  April 1.  Apparently, the roommates (her girlfriend and that boyfriend) have no consideration for other's property.  They have stolen a lot of granddaughter's house wares and locked it in their room; they don't do chores nor clean up after themselves.  They use all paper products and toiletries that granddaughter purchases for her own use and take food from the fridge that is not theirs.  And to top it off, the other couple are consummate Pot Heads!   She says she can't stand that smell in the house anymore.   Geezzzz.....

This kid just can't catch a break.  So she asked if we could store her household things.  She and her boyfriend will be moving in with his parents until she leaves for Kuwait.  They're planning on bringing everything up next weekend for us to store.

Next weekend we'll be moving daughter into her apartment here in town.  I see myself being there every day for at least a week unpacking and setting up.

The first weekend in March, we have an informational meeting/luncheon to attend sponsored by the Army.  We're supposed to learn what's happening with our soldiers and what to expect; what we can and cannot do, etc.   So it's going to be an overnight stay at a hotel near the Cities.  We have to leave Friday; the meeting is Saturday starting at 9:00am.  I just hope our daughter is settled and comfortable enough in her new digs that there won't be a problem.

Oh....the weather.....well, tomorrow I go to daughter's to finish the packing and some cleaning.  Tonight's low is expected to be -18 with wind chill of -25  to -45.  Tomorrow's high....-1.   Notice the "minus" in front of all those numbers.

Doesn't it figure?  Running in and out of the apartment building with boxes, TVs, groceries and other assorted boxes and bags.  Crap.

The plan is to bring her back here on Monday.  She'll stay until next Friday when she signs the rental agreement and can move in.  But BH and I have discussed that I might have to stay until Tuesday....he doesn't see how I'm going to get all that done in 1 day.  Secretly.....neither do I.   My energy level and perseverance isn't what it used to be.   Egad.

Well,  I hope you all are braving the elements, staying safe and warm.  I's miserable everywhere.  There's no escaping it this year.

Spring is right around the corner.   What corner......I'm not sure.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Is it Hibernating Time Yet??............'s still winter.  We got our 2nd big snowfall of the season...dumped about 5 or 6" Monday.  And it's snowing again today.  The temps have dropped significantly this past week...single digit highs during the day; double digits minus at night.  Sheeesh.

I miss my hibernating season.  I don't think it's going to happen this year.  Too. much. to. do.

Getting all the arrangements made for daughter to move to our town.  One more week and then we'll be moving her lock, stock and barrel.  Then it'll probably take most of March to get completely set up and decorated.  You know, when you're helping a daughter set up an apartment...there's soooo many things needed.  I foresee many trips to the big box stores for this and that.

I joined 3 fiber groups on Facebook.  Yeah.  I couldn't help myself.  Reading their blogs, seeing their pictures....I just had to jump in.  They are great groups, though.  But I probably didn't need this distraction right now because of this:

The sweater for my SIL.  As you can see, I still have a few inches to go on the body before decreasing for the raglan sleeves.  And knitting 200+ stitches takes a very....long....time....per....row.  Especially with all the cabling.

Then, this week, I went and did this:

My favorite fiber supplier was having a BIG sale.  Well....I had to jump into that too.  Ordered 5#s of Ashland Bay corriedale X.  To add to the 3#s I bought on sale 2 months ago.  That also added to the 5#s of Cheviot that was on sale shortly after that.  When BH asked how many pounds of wool I think I have,  I just start laughing hysterically.  Then I tell him it's my legacy to him....if anything happens to me, he can make a LOT of money selling all the fiber and supplies.  So, see....really, it's all like an insurance policy.....made out of fiber.....and wood.

Then my sister doesn't help any.  We play scrabble on FB every morning before she goes to work.  Well, there's an hour or better of wasted  misdirected time.  Then there might be someone who wants to "chat" for a bit.  If it's my girlfriend from NY, that could mean another hour or so.   Now it's time for breakfast, a little housework, laundry, maybe an hour of knitting, and lunch.  Then a nap.   Not a good, rejuvenating hibernating nap....just a couple hours.

After supper, BH suggests a movie, a documentary, or a series we have on Netflix.  There are only 3 shows we watch on network TV during the week.  Everything else is Netflix streaming.

Well, I had to lay the law down last night.  I told him I don't see why we have to watch TV every night.  He's going to have to sit alone watching while I do some spinning or knitting, possibly in another room.  I just can't be wasting any more time.  He agreed. TV.  We didn't really plan any other nights sans TV just yet.  Let's just take it one at a time and see how it goes.

Now it's time for that hour of knitting and then it's lunch time.  And then.....


Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Wow.  That's all I can say.  Life certainly does get in the way.
So how's everybody been?  We made it through the drudgery of Fall clean-up, fix-up, ready-for-winter stuff.  Christmas was nice enjoyed a couple of days....even though only 1/2 of us were here, but that's a story for another time.

Our winter has been....unwintery.  A few subzero days here and there, one or two big snowfalls some time ago.  But for the most part, pretty mild temps considering it's northern Minnesota...and most of our snow is gone.  Gone!  I hope it stays like this for the rest of the season.

There's been some spinning, knitting, fiber dyeing these past few months.  You know, it's been so long since I posted that I can't remember if I posted pics of my Aran sweater and the dreaded maroon/white vest.

The sweater is of my own hand painted fiber, 2 different patterns, then blended on the blending board.  I love it!!  The vest turned out ok...too small for me, but maybe someday I'll know someone who would like it.

And there's been socks, hats, scarves knitted up along the way.

Now I'm working on another Aran sweater.  This for my sister-in-law, requested by my brother as a surprise for her.  It is proving to be a real challenge.  I LOVE knitting Aran, but for some reason, this one I'm just not feeling.  He wanted it for Christmas (this notification came just before Thanksgiving), told him it ain't gonna happen, but did say probably Valentine's Day.

Yeah.....that ain't happening either.  So he said possibly no latter than Mother's Day.   Yeah......we'll keep that in mind; I'll let you know how it's going.   Secretly....I'm thinking....probably by her birthday at the end of August.   Just. Not. Feeling. It.  It's bumming me out.

It was my first attempt at dyeing with tea and coffee (separately, of course).  Oh, the fiber turned out gorgeous!  Coffee became a beautiful light "honey gold" and the tea became a very nice "buff".  So I plied 1 bobbin of each with a bobbin of white.  I'll have about 15 bobbins when all said and done, roughly 200 (+ - ) yards each.  But my brother tells me she's quite large, without getting into specifics other than measurements here and there.  I hope I have enough yarn.  I think this is a major factor in the "not feeling it" syndrome.

Well, we're taking our house off the market.  After 1 1/2 years, and 1 prospect brought by the realtor, we're saying "uncle".  We really don't mind....BH has always wanted to stay here.  Yeah, me too, kind of.

But to make it more palatable, our daughter is moving here in a couple of weeks.  Oh, not here but at the income-restricted apartments that are 1 block from us!!!  Yay!!!!  No more driving an hour to see her; no more staying overnight at her place; no more calls late at night from her with supposed medical issues; no more dealing with independent living coaches that DON't. Do. Their. Job!!

Yes, so after the last medical scare, we finally convinced her to move to our town.  We played it up big time!  All the advantages, all the time we can spend together, all the positives of being closer for her.  And she was hooked.  Thank God.  I've been working on this for the past couple of years.

So the next few weeks will be a whirlwind of activity.  She'll be settled in by the time the really good weather is here to stay.

Other than that, not much else has happened.  Hopefully, I can get back to posting on a regular basis.  I'm sure there's going to be a lot of stories to tell you about the Big Move.  Stay warm and healthy.  Till next time.......

Sunday, September 21, 2014

WOW...Has it Really Been That Long??!!!

Holy buckets....has it really been that long?  2 1/2 months since I've written.  I read your posts every day....just didn't have the time or the subject to write about.

Things have been pretty busy here these past weeks.  Nothing exciting...we didn't go anywhere....just muddling through.  BH decided to do the logging and get all our wood ready for this winter.  He finished last week; now he'll start gathering wood for next winter.

After a few bad experiences, we decided not to sell the house; we're going to stay right here.  Our contract is up in February with the realtor.  We'll see it through, but then, that's it.

So....I've been doing all the seasonal house cleaning, fixing, painting, re-organizing and re-decorating. 

The one thing I never got to last year was the dining room.  It was driving me NUTS!!  So....that was our major project.  Now I can relax.....till next year...shhhhh.....don't tell BH.   So....Ta-Daa.. here's the before/after looks:

Old look with the wallpaper (13 years!)

And here's the new look:

Switched the placement of the dining table;  and that area rug!!  Mmmmmm.....I fell in love with it the moment I saw it!!

We didn't want to rip up the wall-to-wall (too much trouble and aggravation right now), so I thought maybe an area rug on to match the blue.  Already knew I was painting the walls "cocoa brown" and making cream colored curtains.

It took us about 10 days to complete.  First order of business was removing the wallpaper and border. OMG, how I hate stripping wallpaper.  But BH helped with it, so it went fairly quick.  Now he jokes (?) with me that this is our "Viewing Room" entry allowed.  Little does he realize, that's exactly my plan!!

My sister and our dear friend came for a visit at the end of August.  They were here for 3 days.  We had a great time....spent a whole day at the Casino, then a day with our daughter.  They went to the Cities and spent the day with our sons, granddaughter and grandson, and then visited my brother and his family.  Wish they could've stayed a little longer.

My very dearest friend from NY and her hubby are coming to visit us near the end of October.  It'll be her first time here.  Can't wait!!!  I hope they stay for a week.  We've never met her husband...they've been married of just a year and a half.

No spinning has taken place since last I posted.  I have been knitting; started another vest in white w/iridescent firestar, but ran out of yarn.  I blended another pound and it's waiting to be spun.  In the meantime, I knitted a pair of socks and now working on a scarf and hat.  It's a slow.....go.......

I saw a comment somewhere that Christmas is less than 100 days away.  Why do people insist on writing such depressing things??!

We got our propane tank filled a few weeks ago.  $1.65 a gallon!!  It ain't going any lower, folks.  We have a 500 gal. tank.  This should carry us through till next summer....thanks to all the wood BH has ready.

Our daughter continues to have health problems.  Her right knee has been swelling, aching, sometimes giving out on her.  She's been to the orthopedic doctor and physical therapy.  She's also fallen a few times....on the same knee.  The problem comes and goes.  I don't even want to think what's coming down the road......a knee replacement, possibly.  She's not a good candidate for surgery to begin with.  I keep saying prayers.

Well, I think that's all the news from our little corner.  I'm so happy Fall is favorite season!  We'll be cutting down the perennials and putting all the yard ornaments, lights and such away in another month.  Then batten down the hatches and get ready for our hibernation.  Maybe I'll be able to get some spinning in before the holiday rush of activities and preparations.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Why Do I Think My Life Is Boring??..........

Wow, time is flying by.  2nd week of July already.  Well things have been happening over the past month or so.  I tend to fall into a funk every once in a while.....thinking "I'm soooo bored; same-ol-same ol every day".  Then I start to reflect, like when I'm planning this post.

Here's a quick (?) rundown.

Well, the realtor called at 1:00pm on Father's Day to say a gal wants to come see the house.  She'll be at the office at 3:00 and they'll head over.  Ok.  Father's Day.  Who looks at property on a holiday?  Whatever.

I planned a nice dinner; it was just BH and me.  Told the no. no visitors this weekend; we just want a nice quiet weekend to ourselves.  So....steaks, baked potatoes, salad, garlic bread and raspberry cheesecake for dessert.  Plan to eat between 4 - 4:30 so we can enjoy the rest of the evening. show. show.  3:45 I start seasoning the steaks; wash the potatoes, salad is made. calls and says the gal got delayed, but she's on her way; they'll be here at 4:30.  I'm doing a slow burn.  How should I delay the dinner? show.  5:00, they arrive.   Yadda, yadda, yadda......and it's over.  Oh,  the prospect LOVED the house and the property, asked about the bank, who to contact, what arrangements, blah, blah, blah.  And they left.

We ate dinner at 6:45.  Yeah.   And.....not one further word from the realtor.  Pffftttt.

A few weeks ago, we're going grocery shopping at the BIG store...25 miles away.  BH says....lets take the van.  OK; I was thinking the same thing.   Off we go.  5 miles down the road, I pulled over and stopped to let a logging 18-wheeler pass by.  Pulled back into the road and.....the speedometer starts jumping all's reading 100mph!!  But we're not going any faster, thank God.  BH says "pull over; turn off the engine and start it again".  Ok.   Apply the brakes!!   The ABS light is on, the speedometer is still dancing the hoochie-koo, and the brake pedal is as hard as cement; won't depress a hair.

So we coast another couple miles until the engine can be turned off safely.   Call the tow truck.   Long story somewhat took almost 2 weeks for our mechanic to figure out what the problem was, concluding with the computer.  New computer (actually, one from the junk yard....saved us about $400!!).   So, coming home from the repair shop, 1/2 mile down the road, the ABS light is on.  Sonofabitch!!  Pull in the driveway, turn off the engine, wait a few seconds, turn it back on....the light is off.  Whew. Must be the computer was re-configuring.

Last week, we're going to the grocery the van.  You guessed it.  Pulling out the driveway; stop before pulling into the road.....the ABS light is on.   No. No. No.  We're not taking this anywhere....I don't trust it, I tell BH.   So....we pull back into the driveway and take the car.  The van has been sitting ever since.

In the meantime, the car has been making funny noises, acting weird.  It needs to go to the repair also needs shocks all around.  This will be many $$$$.  A big hit to the budget.  Next week we'll see about getting it into the shop.  I want to scream.

Here's some good news.....I finished the raspberry vest.....turned out very nice, despite being ripped 4 or 5 times.  AND  the Aran sweater is done!!!  I can't believe how great it turned out....especially since the pattern was for a child's sweater.  I had to tweak the stitches, measurements and patterning a few (HAHAHAHA!) times.  But it's done.  There was enough dyed yarn to finish it (whew!).  And it fits beautifully!   And the buttons for it....wait till you see the buttons!!  Hope to post the pictures next week.  Right now it's blocked and drying.  Ohhh, I can't wait till Fall to wear it....everywhere!!

I started spinning the wool for another Aran sweater.  This one for my brother, who has been asking me for the past year if I could make him one.  "Hey, could you make me an Irish sweater like the one you made for Pop?"....."ehhh....sure."  "How much would you charge to make me an Irish sweater?"......." don't have  THAT much money!"  
"How long would it take to make me an Irish sweater?"........"ehhhhh.....about 2 years".     "REALLY??!!" ....." don't understand; there's a lot involved to spinning and preparing yarn for knitting".

Well, anyway, so the guilt has gotten the better of me.  Over the winter, I purchased more of the wool for the purpose of his sweater.  Then I start thinking.....maybe I should just buy the acrylic yarn and get it done.  For one thing, I can see the wool sweater being thrown in the washer and dryer.  Neither he nor the wife have any concept of "WOOL".   Butttttt.......the sweater  will be made of wool; spun, plied and knitted by his sister and will come with a forceful warning....."DO NOT WASH THIS SWEATER; GIVE IT TO ME; I WILL WASH IT FOR YOU.  IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO IT, I WILL NEVER SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN!  DON'T EVER CALL ME AGAIN!"  I'm thinking of having the clothing label made with that warning.

He's a good guy, my brother.  Always been there for me; always there for our sons when they need help.  He's also in an Irish band, so I can't wait to hear what the other fellas say about his sweater.  There are 6 bobbins of plied yarn so far.  Another thing....this will be no quick and easy brother is 6'2" and weighs about 270#s.  A big beer gut, to boot.   Why, yes.  That would be Irish beer.  This is going to take about 8#s of wool.  I'm definitely going to have to buy more.

 This weekend both our boys from the 'burbs are coming up to visit.  BH's birthday was Wednesday.  One kid is bringing steaks and the trout he caught; he'll cook dinner tonight.  Tomorrow is my turn.  More on that later.

So we've got the new charcoal BBQ grill all put together; used it last week when other son who lives closer was here.  And we finally managed to get the screen house up, as we had a few days reprieve from the constant rain.  Now.....just to get out there and actually use it!   Hopefully this weekend....but the weather report says......rain off and on.   I think there are more mosquitoes in Minnesota than people right about now.

And the humidity has been a killer.  I suspect the electric bill will be 3 digits this month.  Just can't catch a break.  I really gotta get outside and take care of the flower beds.  Noticed that the marigolds in the wheelbarrow look like they're dying.'s just that there's soooo many  dead ones.  Really need to dead-head them.  But this weekend is calling for......rain.   More rain = more mosquitoes.  If Einstein were alive and living in Minnesota today, I'm sure he could come up with a mind-blowing equation for this!

Wishing you all sunny skies, beautiful temperatures and pleasant days!

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Not breaking news or anything like that.....just what's been going on in our neck of the woods.  This might be lengthy.

Well, BH and I went to the Lake Elmo Fiber Fest; had a good time; bought some roving in beautiful shades of mottled greens, burgundy and brown.  It's stashed away right now.  Also picked up a pair of hexagon circular needles.  Hexagon!  Husband and wife started the company; they've been in business for 4 years, he told me.  I know I've seen these advertised somewhere, but they weren't familiar with anything I said.

Anywho, I was looking for circulars with a shorter connecting band than you can find.  And there I was.  They also make hexagon straight needles.  Well, these cost me $30.00! For one set.  Yikes.  But...what the hell.....I'll get plenty of use out of them.  I deserve yarn deserves it.

Kind of disappointed, though, that there didn't seem to be as many accessory vendors.  I wanted stitch markers, but saw only one vendor with them.  After perusing the buildings a few times, I forgot where that vendor was.  C'est le vie.

We've been keeping up with the yard work, keeping the house clean, just in case a prospective buyer should appear.  We had 1 person go through the house, gush and squeal about how beautiful everything was, said she would bring her husband back the following week; was thrilled at the price.  2 weeks went by.....nothing.  We chalked that off.  Then, Monday, our realtor called.  Yeah....well, the looker started telling her this is wrong, that's wrong, "the roof leaks",  "there's asbestos shingle siding on the old farm house",........yada, yada, yada.

Here's a little background.....the gal is the granddaughter of the lady we bought the house from.  She knows all the "ins and outs" of the property; we have been good friends with all the family over these 20+ years.

First off, the roof DOES NOT leak!  Anywhere.  I don't know where she came up with this.  Second....the old farm house has been sitting on the property since the 1950's; it's used for one lives there.

BH says the realtor hinted that because the family knows what we paid for the place almost 23 years ago, they think we're trying to make a big pot of money on the sale.  So....BH added up what it cost us for all the remodeling and updating we've done....near $20,000; not to mention, we have an equity mortgage on the place that needs to be paid off.  We think our asking price is very reasonable.  We've never cheated or taken advantage of anyone .....ever.  For this family to think that of us makes me downright sick to my stomach.  I was soooo pissed!

BH told the realtor in no uncertain terms that we're not giving the house away...for nobody.  I say, even if they come back with an offer, or decide to meet our price....we will not sell to them, no matter what.  We'd hear nothing but complaints and problems  and they would probably besmirch our name all over town!

Last Sunday, the realtor calls to say she has a guy who is really interested in the property and wants to see it Monday evening when he gets off work.  We set up the appointment.  She will call when they're on the way....between 5 - 5:30pm.

BH cuts the grass....4th time in 2 weeks.  I go through the house, dusting, vacuuming, straightening up.  Monday evening.....5.....5:30......5:45......6:00.   Call the realtor.  Oh, she just got back in the office and was just about to give us a call.  Yeah....the guy called to say he's stuck at work, can't get out, doesn't know when he'll be leaving;  we'll make it for another time.

This weekend came and went without nary a word from the realtor....or her supposed looker.   I give up.  I want to take the house off the market.

And that's the name of that tune.

Today is my "baby"s birthday....he's 35.  I don't know which makes me feel older....him or my first born, who turned 46 in February!!  Where does the time go??   And how can these kids keep getting older when I feel the same age (almost) as I did 25 years ago???

So....Father's Day is Sunday.  We're planning a nice, quiet day at home.  Just the 2 of us.  One of our boys called Tuesday asking what we're doing for the weekend.  He thought he'd come up with some steaks and trout for a cookout.  Nope.  We want a nice, quiet weekend; just the 2 of us.  But thank you, anyway.

We have a new screen house to put up....and a new charcoal grill to be put together. I thought we could do this Friday or Saturday, have our quiet little cookout (bought steaks for the occasion) and.....shhhhh.....bought BH  a new chaise lounge.  So he can nap and relax in the screenhouse....out in the fresh air.

But......Friday will be the only nice day, weatherwise.  Rain is in the forecast for the weekend.....with Sunday being the worst.  Now I can't even take him to the casino for the day....because he wants to be here for the phone calls.

I spent 5 days with daughter last week.  She was scheduled for a colonoscopy and a stomach scope Monday.  The original plan was to go there Sunday evening, spend the night and take her into the hospital the next morning.  Until I got the word that the doctor ordered injections for 5 days to take the place of her Coumadin that they wanted her off of before the procedures. 

So....Thursday off I went.  Friday came word that her doctor was going to order 5 more injections for this week after the procedures.     Oh no....I can't stay another week!!  So....I started showing her over the weekend how to give herself the injections.  She's been giving her cat insulin injections 2x a day for the past year, so I knew she could do it.

Well, when it was all over, the surgeon said he didn't see any reason why the injections would be necessary if she started back on the Coumadin the following day.  He called her doctor, the doctor no more injections.  And I was on my way home Monday evening.  Hallelujah!!

I haven't touched a spinning wheel in......2 months?  I am itching to get back, hopefully starting today.  But knitting.  The raspberry vest is almost done.  Have one more front side to do (V-neck).  I'm happy with the way I planned out the purple/white combination.  And I could increase it to my size!  Because.....I had too much raspberry yarn left over from a smaller size.  Yeah.....that meant ripping out the whole back and starting over.  Again.  For the 4th time.

And the Aran vest has been sitting for a month.  Almost to the decreases at the top of the sleeves.  Still not sure if there will be enough yarn or have to dye more.  Time....and knitting.....will tell.

Talking to my sister a couple weeks ago.  She said she's planning on coming out for a visit at the end of June.  This will be great!!  Haven't seen her in almost 3 years.

And  son who's birthday is hired on at the company!  He'd been working for them through a Temp agency for the past 8 months.  So now he's a full-fledged employee with benefits!!  And a raise in pay!!

Well, that's about it.  Sorry about the rant about the house.  Today is rain all day.  Good day to get the wheel back in action.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Still Waiting.......

May 16.  It's still not Spring yet.  Not quite.  Oh, a couple of teaser days here and there.  But in the long run.....we can't plant flowers outside yet;  can't take the storm windows off; can't totally turn off the furnace;  can't cut the grass; can't do any painting or replace the screens; can't leave the windows that are accessible open....nor the door.

It's still cold during the day for the most part and near freezing at night.  There is rain 4 - 5 days out of 7.  And the winds!.....don't get me started.

But there's plenty of spinning and knitting.....mostly knitting.....going on.  I've finished the back and sides of the Aran sweater, and I'm about 5" into the sleeves.  Knitting both at once. There haven't been too many hiccups (read: rip-outs) along the way, so that makes me very happy.  There is, however, still the question of enough yarn.

Right now I'm just about finished spinning the light grey, which will be plied with 2 bobbins of the variegated green.  And they're not full bobbins.  So, there might be a small problem.  But I'll just salley forth until the very end.  If more wool has to be dyed, so be it.

We took a trip to the "big" city this week.  No, not that BIG city, but the one 53 miles from our home.  We need a new BBQ grill.  A charcoal grill, not propane.  And sure enough, the big box hardware store has them on sale for the month.'s a beauty!!  Much bigger than our old one.  With tables on either side, 6 hooks for utensils and pot holders, a warming shelf inside the grill, a deep charcoal well and a thermostat on the lid!!  Our old grill is about ..14 years old....and the bottom is starting to rust out.  Last year we kept it on the ground instead of the deck.  Because I could just see the bottom giving way as something was cooking..full of hot, hot coals....and setting the deck on fire!!

Both sons are supposed to be coming up for the holiday weekend. So I said to BH:  "hey, if we have sandwiches and snacks on Saturday, Ryan can put the grill together for us; then we'll have a cook-out on Sunday".   BH thought that was a great idea.  It saves us from monkin' around with it.

I also wanted a screen house that was on sale.  Haven't had a screen house in maybe 4 years.  This year I really want one.  So nice to be able to sit outside, day or night, and not get all bit up....or burnt up.  Anywho, the one that was on sale was very nice....12' x 12'  but it had a polyester "floor" inside.  Never had one with a floor.

Upon further discussion, BH says: "do you really want one with a floor?"  Ehhhh.....not really.  If you don't have it pulled taught, you're gonna get ripples in the poly.....and somebody's going to trip over you....or me.  Nah.....that's an accident you don't want to see happen.

So, we forego the screen house for now.  But still keeping an eye out for other stores.....other sales.

This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous!!!  In the 60's!!!  I'm planning on getting the flower beds in shape (thank goodness they are perennials), spot painting the propane tank, and got some painting to do on the roof of our conversion van.  Yeah.......

Whilst in Virginia for granddaughter's Army graduation, our hotel room was on the 2nd floor.  One evening, looking over the balcony to the parking lot, I see the top of the van.  OMG!!!  It's rusted right along the rain trough.  Crap.   Bought the Rust-o-Leum a few weeks ago.  This weekend may finally be the time to get roof painted.

We also bought a deck brush.....for scrubbing the deck, of course.  Last time I did that (a couple years ago), it was on my hands and knees with a household scrub brush.  That's something I don't want to do again.  So....the deck brush with stiff bristles and a long handle!  So that job is on the "TO DO" list.

Then there's the siding on the house.  Put on about 10 years ago, it's never been washed.  I can't stand it anymore.  It needs to be scrubbed and hosed.  BH never heard of such a thing (men! pfft) and thinks I'm either crazy or making this up (he's probably leaning towards crazy).  I don't care.  I'm sick of seeing the streaks of dirt...or whatever.....and there's some kind of funky growth that I noticed last summer.  Little bits here and there.  Looks like a mold....or bug eggs....I don't go poking around, just know it looks like hell.

The rest of this week is ice making and 2 dozen more hard rolls to be baked.

Oh.....this weekend is the Lake Elmo Shepard's Harvest....a fiber fest; just northeast of St. Paul.  Oh geezzz.....I forgot about that.  I love that fest.  Not too big; not too small.  And.....I do need different knitting needles.....I could use a blue "Firestar".....more stitch markers and holders...and always...more white wool;  maybe the lady from Wisconsin who sells Border Leicester for $1.25 # will be there!!  She wasn't last year; I was disappointed.  And BH will most definitely try to talk me into buying more bobbins.  'Cause I always need more bobbins.  And the price keeps going up every year....what's up with that?!

Yeahhhh.......those projects will have to wait another day.