Monday, March 28, 2016

Is It Spring Yet??..........

First....a belated Happy Easter to one and all.  Days are flying by!  Is it Spring where you are?  We get a morsel every now and again.  Temps still below freezing at night and we've been getting a couple of inches of snow overnight.  Yuk.

Well, it's been busy....but not.  Know what I mean?  It seems like everyday brings its own chores and "have to's", but it doesn't really seem like anything is getting accomplished.  Because I have no desire or energy to to the everyday crap.

Anywho.....I've got 4 bobbins, now cakes, of the laceweight yarn finished for granddaughter's bridal shawl.  I'm still spinning.  And I see by today's assessment that I need to blend more Merino and silk.  Haven't found the right pattern yet; still looking.

On the grey Aran sweater, the back, sides and one sleeve are done; the other sleeve is 1/2 done.  What a time I've been having!!  I've never ripped out so much knitting in all my years.  Don't know if my head's just not wrapped around it or what.  I'll sure be glad when it's done.

Daughter is going in for knee replacement surgery the middle of April.  I'll be staying with her for most of the recovery, I think.  6 weeks says the surgeon.  PT 2 or 3x a week.  Oh boy.  That pretty much takes care of Spring cleaning and the first month of summer for outside work.

BH turns 80 in July.  This is causing a lot of stress.  I originally wanted to plan a BIG party for him.  BIG.  With all the out-of-state family coming here.  But....things being what they are....I'm re-thinking that whole scenario.  I do not like asking anyone to spend money, their vacation, and time to travel half-way across country for a few days. And I fear there would be a lot of "regrets", cannot make it, in response.  Not that they have anything against BH, just that the "family" has kind of fallen by the wayside, if you know what I mean.  How sad.

Well, I will come up with a different plan and it will be a wonderful celebration of his life and the most wonderful, giving person that he is.....come Hell or high water!

We're going to the Casino for an overnight with my brother and SIL this coming weekend.  This will be exciting!  We've never done that before with them.  They seem pretty excited about it, as we are.  It'll be a lot of or lose!

Today I have an appointment at the beauty salon to get my hair cut, styled and a body perm. I wanted blonde highlights too, but she said it wasn't a good idea to do it at the same time as the perm, to wait a couple of weeks.  Ok.    Lordy!!  Haven't had that much work on my hair Prom!!  48 years ago!.......ouch!...  I hope it turns out the way I see it in my mind.  I'm taking pictures of the "do" that I want to insure no misunderstanding.  hehehehehe.

Well that's enough of that.   Here are some pics for your enjoyment. 

single spun
                                   2 ply


The pic of the front is the real color.....don't know why the back looks so washed out.....too much light, I guess. Oh well.

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