Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wedding Bells are Ringing!

It's been quite a ride on this merry-go-round lately.  2 1/2 weeks ago, our son back in NY called to say he is getting married.....on Sept. 4.  Yes, the day before Labor Day.  We received the mailed invitation last Friday.  We are over the hill excited for him and his new bride.  This has not been an easy year for him.  But... they bought a house in the country back in April, and despite the unforeseen problems that come with buying a country home, they are loving the life. 

Now this is where it gets crazy.   So....for about a year now, I've had it in my mind to create a Bridal Shawl for our granddaughter, who is engaged but they have not yet set a date.....thankfully.   Well, then crazy thoughts occurred to me during the spinning for the yarn....."hey!  Why not make a shawl for a future daughter-in-law, or 2 or about one for a future granddaughter-in-law?  And what about one for a future sister-in-law??  Yeah!  Why not!!

Needless to say, 4 skeins of yarn have been finished totaling about 2,000 yards.  But no shawl was started.   Until 2 1/2 weeks ago.

So.....knitting is in progress.  But I'm beginning to doubt that it will be finished in time.  We have to leave on the 30th for the drive back to NY.  I have about 2 more feet to knit.  It's very slow going because there are a LOT of beads being knit into the lace pattern.  A LOT of beads.   Crystals and pearls.  A row with beads takes about 20 minutes to finish.

Right now I'm taking a break.  My eyes are going wonky, my thumb knuckle hurts and I'm starting to get cramps in my hands and upper arm.

The shawl will still need to be washed and blocked when - if - it gets done.

One of our sons here is moving into his new apartment on Sept. 1.  We need to get down to his area to pick up all the boxes he needs to store up here, as well as a Harvest table and 2 benches we gave him that my dad made for us.  He has no room in his new's a studio apartment.

My brother called 2 weeks ago......he wants us to come down to a bar in southern MN to hear his band play.  My other brother is coming in from Washington state for a visit that weekend also.   We'll have to stay overnight.  But he's planning a big BBQ on that Sunday for the family.  I really can't afford to lose that much time from the needles.   Don't know how this is going to play out.

I'm trying to knit at night while watching TV with BH.  It's going ok.  Then I suggested to him I need to stay up later at night to work on this.  The first...and only....night, we stayed up till midnight.   Haven't been able to do it since.  But I've been getting up between 3 - 3:30am and knitting until it's time for breakfast....then going back to it all through the day when I can.

So housecleaning and yard work have been put on hold.  I just hope I can get it done before we leave.  Otherwise, we'll be coming home to overgrown gardens and pushing our way through cobwebs and dust bunnies to get through the door.

But there's more!    The other son is looking to buy a constant phone calls for my input; another son is leaving for Switzerland at the end of the month; daughter still needs to get to the big box and grocery stores, as well as getting out for a day of fun.   BH wanted to put the new motor on the wood stove.....we finished that yesterday after working on it for 2 days.  I have to help because he can't see the screws and has trouble holding, using, the screw driver due to neuropathy.

I have our "dress" clothes to wash and iron; packing to do; get all the camping gear together ( big idea is to camp while in NY.  Put me away now.); make sure all the bills are paid; everyone is taken care of and on the right page; and.....I'm sure there's at least a half dozen more things I've yet to think of.

The weather has been hot and humid!  I'm done with summer....bring on Fall.  Please.  Quickly.   I can't wait till this year is over....I need a break.