Friday, April 29, 2011

Someone Has to Die............

This is how I'm feeling, and what I've expressed to BH.  It is currently 27 degrees outside, this morning, at 5:55am.  The wood stove was started up 45 minutes ago.  Let me rephrase that: a match was put to the paper and wood in the wood stove.  However, 45 minutes later, it is still struggling to burst into a roaring fire to warm the house.  The house is 46 degrees.  Even an inanimate object like a wood stove knows it's April 29, and its work should be done for the next 2 seasons.

I want to scream, cry, throw things .......someone has to die!  I am soooo sick of cold, rainy, snowy weather!  I can't get anything done.  No gardening, no house cleaning, no decluttering.  All of this is going to hit us at one time when the weather finally becomes Spring/Summer. (See. Even in a rage I still maintain hope for the future).

I'm having a difficult time coming out of hibernation.  I want to keep going back.  Just let me sleep til winter is over.  It's even getting more and more difficult to do the indoor, wintery things.  It's a struggle to pick up the knitting needles, to sit at the wheel.  I just want to cozy up on the recliner with my blanket and book.  Call me when it's over.

Just checked -- still no blazing fire in the stove.  Crap.  Thank God I didn't take down all the storm windows!  Or put the winter clothes away for the summer ones.  Oh, man.  Would we be in one pickle!

Let's look on the bright side.  Today is supposed to be 68, and very sunny.  Awright!!!  I'm going to attempt to get something done today. Push. Push. Push.

And then maybe tomorrow, when it's raining again (oh yeah), and barely 50 degrees, I can muster up some hope that Spring is just around the corner.

Until then, everyone stay clear.  Because if this keeps up too much longer, someone has to die......a sacrifice, if you will.  To the gods of Summer.  Maybe that's the ticket!

All kidding aside, we are counting our blessings and thanking God and praying for all those down south who have undergone all the horrific tornadoes and floods.  In actuality, we have nothing to complain about at all.  We need to remember how we are so blessed while others are suffering so badly. 

Our prayers to all those who are going through these ravages of Hell.  God bless you all.  God give you peace and relief.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

It's a beautiful day.  As Easter should be.  A new beginning.  Not only the season, but a new lease on life, spiritually, mentally and physically.  New hope for all.  Embrace it; believe in it; fill your heart with it.

Not much going on today.  Stepson coming to spend the day.  It'll be just the 3 of us.

The usual for dinner - baked ham with pineapple and brown sugar glaze; garlic and chive mashed potatoes; yams; green beans with mushrooms and coleslaw.  And coconut/banana cream pie for dessert.  Yum!!  This was my dad's very favorite dessert!!  But he said only the way I made it.  My mom tried a few times.  He'd always tell me "it's not like the one in Minnesota!!"  Made me laugh.

I finished one brown sock this morning.  I'm going to call the pair "Ugly Socks".  It took every ounce of mental capabilities not to rip the thing out.  But it'll be ok.  It'll be a pair of men's socks.  So, it doesn't really matter, right? Hehehehe.

I'm hoping tomorrow to start working on cleaning out the old house.  Being that tomorrow looks like our only warm, sunny day for the rest of the week.  Geezzz.  Yep.  Rain, rain, cold, cold through Friday.  Is this ever going to end??  What the heck.  Gives me more time for spinning and knitting anyway.

"When life give you lemons"........., move to another orchard, for crype sake!!

Well, I gotta go put the Easter basket together and straighten up around here.  Yeah, well, if I had put the basket together last night, BH would be having chocolate bunnies for breakfast today!!

Have a great day!!        

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Ehhh, yeah. I'm on the computer again. Yes, there's still spinning to do; yes, there's still knitting to do.  But I had a few things come to mind that just had to get out there.

First, I did call techie son about the computer problems.  So on Sunday, we spent an hour on the phone, him walking me through the steps to fix it.  Done!
All is working fine now.  However he did say the battery should be changed and we should get another power supply thingy.

If he comes up this weekend, he'll do that.  I have to remember to pick up a battery.  You won't believe this, but it's one of those flat, nickel-size ones that are used in handheld game devices. Know what I mean?  I couldn't believe it!
"That's IT?" I asked him.  Yep.  That's all it is.

He also told me, after instructing me to open "secret operating files" with all the warning!s that we were definitely hacked.  Geeezzz.

It occured to me yesterday while spinning that the reason it's taking me so long to finish this roving is really NOT me!!  The stuff is loaded with VM!!  So, I treadle a couple of inches, stop, pull out the very tiniest of matter, spin, stop, pull out more, spin, stop..........and this goes on and on.  It's not big stuff that can be grabbed as I draft. Oh No.  This stuff is the size of a grain of sand.  But if it slips through, you can definitely feel the irritating bump in the twist.  Geezzz.

Don't know what is going on for Easter.  I told BH last week that I really don't want to cook a big meal.  I don't want all the muss and fuss.  And I really don't feel like entertaining company.  But-----the techie says he's coming up this weekend.  Now, we've been down this road many times.  Kids say they're coming; mother blows a whole month's grocery budget on a holiday dinner; and they start calling at the last minute.  Something came up; can't make it.  Or just never show up at all.  In the meantime, dinner has been in the oven for hours, side dishes are prepared and ready for cooking, desserts have been made.

So it's not like I can throw everything back in the freezer and pantry right away and save myself hours in the kitchen.  I seriously hate holidays.

More snow today.  Maybe another couple of inches.  And cold.  Followed by more rain until Saturday.  The weekend is supposed to be sunny and warm (50's).  More rain Monday and Tuesday.

Ok. Time's up.  Back to spinning.  I have an appointment with daughter today.  So as of 11:00am, the rest of my day is shot.  Gotta do grocery shopping on the way home.  You know.  For Easter.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


What the heck is going on?!  We're still in the low 40's daytime, mid 20's at night.  Good Grief.

So, of course, the cleaning has not started.  This is one of those "good news, bad news" moments.  More snow and rain and bad temps through Friday.

We're going to the sheep and wool festival in Lake Elmo, MN. this year.  Yay!!  I love this show.  It's close to home - 2 1/2 hrs away.  Haven't been there in 2 years - because I was working.  Yes, weekends included.  Every weekend.  Every. stinkin'. weekend.  Ah, buts that's all over now.

It takes place Mother's Day weekend, every year.  So, if you're in the area, and you've never's a great way to spend the day -- or weekend.  So much to see.  So much to love.  So much to dream over.  So much to buy!!

I gotta make a list of things I need from the festival.  I do need certain knitting needles of a certain size and length.  I could use more white wool.  And can't wait to see all the colored rovings and tops. Lovvvve It!!

And there's a "plus".  BH says we can leave Thursday and get a few days of camping in besides!  WhooHoo!!  Of course, that means I have to get the camping stuff organized and ready to go.  Which is stored in the camper.  Which is very, very cold's cold Fall.

Easter weekend coming up fast.  It's just weird celebrating Easter in the........Fall.  BH was just remembering some years ago (8?) we had the grandkids up here, Easter egg hunting.  The eggs were sitting on top of, or slightly buried in snow!  I wonder if coloring eggs was planned decades and decades ago for this very reason!  They're easier to find in the snow, definitely! 

We have pictures of the kids in their winter jackets, hats, mittens and boots running around the yard with their Easter baskets.  Priceless!

Well, can't do anything outside, so I've really been trying to get a significant amount of spinning and knitting done.  But while I sit at the computer, of course none of that is happening.  And then I could kick myself.  So I try to get an hour in here and there.  One in the morning; maybe a bit in the afternoon before naptime; a little before or during cooking dinner and hopefully some time afterwards before a favorite show comes on TV.  There's just 2 nights actually with a show that we watch.

Ah, but then there's the movies.  We receive a movie from Netflix twice a week; one on Wednesday and one on Saturday.  Soooo........that makes 4 nights.  Uh-oh.  And then there's reading.  We've discovered the library again.  So we've been taking books out.  And if you take them out, you should really read them, right?  I'm almost finished with the second book in 3 weeks.  Then there's a book my daughter gave me.  I started it.  It's sitting on the table, waiting to be opened again.  Gotta finish that one.  Of course, our library also sells older books for $1.00.  They have a whole cart full of them.  And I picked up 4 more books to add to my own library!

You can see the spiraling effect here, can't you?  Definitely.  Well, with all the spinning, knitting and reading to be done ----you know, cozy, indoor hobbies-----maybe it's a good thing it's still FALL!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yep.  We had Spring last week; even hit 70 on Thursday -- last week.  Then it all fell apart, starting a week ago.  This morning we wake up to 3" of snow and more to come today.  Crap.  Boy, am I glad we didn't take down all the storm windows!

I was sooo looking forward to a little Spring cleaning, as well as getting started on cleaning out the farmhouse/storage building.  This has to be done before May......something.  Our town has a "CleanUp" day every 2 years; this is the year.  You can load up anything and take it to the city dump.  They contract 2 different landfill companies to haul it all away.  One does regular trash (not household garbage!), the other does appliances and anything made of metal.  We've got a LOT of stuff to get rid of.

Finally talked to techie son last night. Told him about the computer problems. He said he'll walk me through the repair but it'll take over an hour.  So he's going to call me today and we'll get at it.  However, he did say it sounds like the system needs a new battery and power supply.  Which he will bring up with him next weekend.  And he also said it sounds like we've been hacked.  That's why when we search for a website, we get redirected to a totally different site - mostly advertising sites.  He also said it could have come from our anti-virus program.  Someone sent something supposedly from this, looking exactly like it, telling us to update or download something and WHAM -- we're infected.

Technology?  Gotta love it-----NOT!

Well, the plan today is to do as much spinning as I possibly can.  I gotta finish up the white because I'm thinking I could really use some white yarn soon - very soon.

Started a pea hat. Love this pattern; it's my favorite.  The brown socks are -- coming along.  Halfway up the instep on one; still got the other to do then.  The thing is, the yarn is a fingering/sockweight, knitting on size 2 needles, and it's taking FOREVER!  Besides, I'm not crazy about the pattern, the stripes, or the color of the main yarn.  So that kind of slows things down a lot.

You know with all the hoopla going on about the Federal budget and all? Sickening, isn't it?  Well, here's my BIG plan.  I'm going to keep knitting and spinning.  Sock, scarves, sweaters, hats, mittens, fingerless mitts, shawls - everything. 

And then when the nation hits rock bottom, when all of us regulars are scrounging garbage dumps for food, when multiple generations are living together in a 2 room shack, when we're working as housemaids, gardeners and nannies for those who survived, ie: the very wealthy, when all the shops have gone out of business, and we are then a Third World Nation, They're going to need things, right?  Like clothing.

Well, I'll be there to sell my products to Them.  At a premium price!  Oh, yeah, baby!  You will pay through the nose!! Or any other orafice you can pump out those much idolized greenbacks. For those "one of a kind", hand crafted specialty items. This is my major plan.  Of course, I can sew, too. And I have about 200 yards of material stored away.  So that covers a lot of ground.

Feel free to join in this entrepenuership if you like.  Hop on the band wagon!  Let the crafting begin!!  Just store it and wait.  It's coming!  Power to the People!!  The regular people; the masses.   Amen.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things Have Been Happening.......

We had an absolutely gorgeous day yesterday!!  72 degrees!! It really gets the adrenolin going; fills me with all kinds of energy.  Open a few windows, leave the door open; let all that fresh air in!

Notice, I said a few windows.  Because.......for the next 4 or 5 days, the temps are going to be high 40's during the day, below freezing or close to it at night.  And rain, rain rain.  Maybe some snow -- shovelable in some places -- on Friday.  Aarrrgghh!!   There goes my energy.

Ah, but today just may be saved.  BH is going to son's for the day.  Can I get a "whoop! whoop!".  Oh yeah.  Got big plans for those precious hours.

I just finished one bobbin of white Shetland and stripped the rest of the ball to hopefully spin another full bobbin.  Then I have the 6 & 1/2 skeins of the black/beads to ball up.  Then I have to go through the tub of finished items, tag the ones that are not and organize them into 2 tubs, being that the one is overflowing and I couldn't get even another pair of socks into it.  I'm seriously contemplating doing the Craft show at the school this year, first weekend in November.  I used to do this show; did it for 10 years.  But decided a few years ago no more.  However, what do you do with 2 tubs full of various handspun, handknitted garments?  You have to try to sell them, right?

I can't give them away to family.  There's just a couple of members who understand how to take care of wool wear.  And they've been duly blessed with socks.  No hats.  They don't wear hats.  Sweaters?  Yeah, but I have special sweaters in mind for those 2, and the wool isn't even spun up yet!!

Anywho.  I will be at my leisure today!  Supper will be easy -- just pulled out the meatloaf and gravy from the freezer.  How great can this day get!!!

Finally made it to daughter's to Spring clean her apartment.  Sorry to say I haven't done this in 3 years.  OMG!  I will NEVER let that happen again.  We did thorough cleaning, organizing, tossing out (like 9 bags of garbage!), re-arranged furniture and went shopping for a few things to re-decorate.  I gotta say, her place looks beautiful now.  Everything nice and clean and fresh.  She was very happy with it.  Me too!

This weekend my brother and sil came up to visit.  They haven't been up here for 3(?) years.  Yikes!!  We had fun.  Baked a strawberry/rhubarb pie -- his favorite!  and an apple one.  Had my famous fried chicken, herb/garlic mashed potatoes, fresh asparagus (on sale last week for $1.88#!!!  I know!!!), chef salad and warm French bread.   Yum, Yum!!  Oh, and wine. Delicious wine.  Ya gotta have wine!

And for breakfast Sunday, we had blueberry waffles, bacon and OJ.  He brought me a huge bag of coffee beans from Costco -- so we had fresh, delicious coffee!!  I love coffee.  My veins are filled with it.

I should tell you that this was a coup, because my brother always decides what the meal will be and brings the groceries for it.  But when he asked me what they could bring, I told him "Nothing! Absolutely nothing!"  He kind of hesitatingly said "welll, ok, then".  And then he proceeded to bring the coffee beans, 6 cans of sardines, smoked oysters and kippers for BH (I don't touch the stuff!) and 2 containers of his homemade soup - black bean and chili.  What a guy!

I'm hoping this weekend will be a quiet one.  Already told one kid that the weather is going to be too cold and nasty for him to come up for the Trout (stream only) opener.  That takes care of that.  However, I did have to shoot an email to sonwhousedtolivewithus, our computer tech, and tell him that the computer is on the blink.  Haven't heard back from him yet.  I just asked if he could tell me how to reset the calculations again over the phone.  We've done this before, successfully.  He might get the idea, though, that he needs to come up and take care of it himself.  But with the gas prices as such, instruction over the phone might be the better thing to do.

Well, all the laundry is done, house is clean.  As a matter of fact, I just took down the last of the "winter" decorations yesterday.  So, I'm free as a bird for my projects.  Last week I informed BH that we were going to start cleaning out the farmhouse (used for storage) this week.  Yeah. That's a "no-go".  Not in the rain and snow.  I need sunshine and warmth to expend that amount of energy!  Maybe next week.  In the meantime, I need to get breakfast ready so BH can get on his way.  He says he'll be back at supper time.  Oh yeah.  This is a "whoo whoo" day!!