Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yep.  We had Spring last week; even hit 70 on Thursday -- last week.  Then it all fell apart, starting a week ago.  This morning we wake up to 3" of snow and more to come today.  Crap.  Boy, am I glad we didn't take down all the storm windows!

I was sooo looking forward to a little Spring cleaning, as well as getting started on cleaning out the farmhouse/storage building.  This has to be done before May......something.  Our town has a "CleanUp" day every 2 years; this is the year.  You can load up anything and take it to the city dump.  They contract 2 different landfill companies to haul it all away.  One does regular trash (not household garbage!), the other does appliances and anything made of metal.  We've got a LOT of stuff to get rid of.

Finally talked to techie son last night. Told him about the computer problems. He said he'll walk me through the repair but it'll take over an hour.  So he's going to call me today and we'll get at it.  However, he did say it sounds like the system needs a new battery and power supply.  Which he will bring up with him next weekend.  And he also said it sounds like we've been hacked.  That's why when we search for a website, we get redirected to a totally different site - mostly advertising sites.  He also said it could have come from our anti-virus program.  Someone sent something supposedly from this, looking exactly like it, telling us to update or download something and WHAM -- we're infected.

Technology?  Gotta love it-----NOT!

Well, the plan today is to do as much spinning as I possibly can.  I gotta finish up the white because I'm thinking I could really use some white yarn soon - very soon.

Started a pea hat. Love this pattern; it's my favorite.  The brown socks are -- coming along.  Halfway up the instep on one; still got the other to do then.  The thing is, the yarn is a fingering/sockweight, knitting on size 2 needles, and it's taking FOREVER!  Besides, I'm not crazy about the pattern, the stripes, or the color of the main yarn.  So that kind of slows things down a lot.

You know with all the hoopla going on about the Federal budget and all? Sickening, isn't it?  Well, here's my BIG plan.  I'm going to keep knitting and spinning.  Sock, scarves, sweaters, hats, mittens, fingerless mitts, shawls - everything. 

And then when the nation hits rock bottom, when all of us regulars are scrounging garbage dumps for food, when multiple generations are living together in a 2 room shack, when we're working as housemaids, gardeners and nannies for those who survived, ie: the very wealthy, when all the shops have gone out of business, and we are then a Third World Nation, They're going to need things, right?  Like clothing.

Well, I'll be there to sell my products to Them.  At a premium price!  Oh, yeah, baby!  You will pay through the nose!! Or any other orafice you can pump out those much idolized greenbacks. For those "one of a kind", hand crafted specialty items. This is my major plan.  Of course, I can sew, too. And I have about 200 yards of material stored away.  So that covers a lot of ground.

Feel free to join in this entrepenuership if you like.  Hop on the band wagon!  Let the crafting begin!!  Just store it and wait.  It's coming!  Power to the People!!  The regular people; the masses.   Amen.

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Denise said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment.

I have stash stored for a couple lifetimes, I'm all set. Don't feel bad about the anti-virus thing, it happens to the best of them.