Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Ehhh, yeah. I'm on the computer again. Yes, there's still spinning to do; yes, there's still knitting to do.  But I had a few things come to mind that just had to get out there.

First, I did call techie son about the computer problems.  So on Sunday, we spent an hour on the phone, him walking me through the steps to fix it.  Done!
All is working fine now.  However he did say the battery should be changed and we should get another power supply thingy.

If he comes up this weekend, he'll do that.  I have to remember to pick up a battery.  You won't believe this, but it's one of those flat, nickel-size ones that are used in handheld game devices. Know what I mean?  I couldn't believe it!
"That's IT?" I asked him.  Yep.  That's all it is.

He also told me, after instructing me to open "secret operating files" with all the warning!s that we were definitely hacked.  Geeezzz.

It occured to me yesterday while spinning that the reason it's taking me so long to finish this roving is really NOT me!!  The stuff is loaded with VM!!  So, I treadle a couple of inches, stop, pull out the very tiniest of matter, spin, stop, pull out more, spin, stop..........and this goes on and on.  It's not big stuff that can be grabbed as I draft. Oh No.  This stuff is the size of a grain of sand.  But if it slips through, you can definitely feel the irritating bump in the twist.  Geezzz.

Don't know what is going on for Easter.  I told BH last week that I really don't want to cook a big meal.  I don't want all the muss and fuss.  And I really don't feel like entertaining company.  But-----the techie says he's coming up this weekend.  Now, we've been down this road many times.  Kids say they're coming; mother blows a whole month's grocery budget on a holiday dinner; and they start calling at the last minute.  Something came up; can't make it.  Or just never show up at all.  In the meantime, dinner has been in the oven for hours, side dishes are prepared and ready for cooking, desserts have been made.

So it's not like I can throw everything back in the freezer and pantry right away and save myself hours in the kitchen.  I seriously hate holidays.

More snow today.  Maybe another couple of inches.  And cold.  Followed by more rain until Saturday.  The weekend is supposed to be sunny and warm (50's).  More rain Monday and Tuesday.

Ok. Time's up.  Back to spinning.  I have an appointment with daughter today.  So as of 11:00am, the rest of my day is shot.  Gotta do grocery shopping on the way home.  You know.  For Easter.

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Lynn said...

I feel for you on the computers. I swear they are evil!!! Thanks for stopping by the blog. I try to share the warmth virtually. Sometimes it works, other times not so much. If you have time, come read abt the demise of some growing plant life.......You have snow, I have 90 degree weather. Where is there a balance??