Friday, April 29, 2011

Someone Has to Die............

This is how I'm feeling, and what I've expressed to BH.  It is currently 27 degrees outside, this morning, at 5:55am.  The wood stove was started up 45 minutes ago.  Let me rephrase that: a match was put to the paper and wood in the wood stove.  However, 45 minutes later, it is still struggling to burst into a roaring fire to warm the house.  The house is 46 degrees.  Even an inanimate object like a wood stove knows it's April 29, and its work should be done for the next 2 seasons.

I want to scream, cry, throw things .......someone has to die!  I am soooo sick of cold, rainy, snowy weather!  I can't get anything done.  No gardening, no house cleaning, no decluttering.  All of this is going to hit us at one time when the weather finally becomes Spring/Summer. (See. Even in a rage I still maintain hope for the future).

I'm having a difficult time coming out of hibernation.  I want to keep going back.  Just let me sleep til winter is over.  It's even getting more and more difficult to do the indoor, wintery things.  It's a struggle to pick up the knitting needles, to sit at the wheel.  I just want to cozy up on the recliner with my blanket and book.  Call me when it's over.

Just checked -- still no blazing fire in the stove.  Crap.  Thank God I didn't take down all the storm windows!  Or put the winter clothes away for the summer ones.  Oh, man.  Would we be in one pickle!

Let's look on the bright side.  Today is supposed to be 68, and very sunny.  Awright!!!  I'm going to attempt to get something done today. Push. Push. Push.

And then maybe tomorrow, when it's raining again (oh yeah), and barely 50 degrees, I can muster up some hope that Spring is just around the corner.

Until then, everyone stay clear.  Because if this keeps up too much longer, someone has to die......a sacrifice, if you will.  To the gods of Summer.  Maybe that's the ticket!

All kidding aside, we are counting our blessings and thanking God and praying for all those down south who have undergone all the horrific tornadoes and floods.  In actuality, we have nothing to complain about at all.  We need to remember how we are so blessed while others are suffering so badly. 

Our prayers to all those who are going through these ravages of Hell.  God bless you all.  God give you peace and relief.

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Heather said...

I know exactly where you are coming from, my problem is that my negativity extends to the coming summer season and the advent of mosquitoes and tornadoes. Ugh. And the occasional sunny day like today just makes it worse, it's like it's taunting us 'somewhere' there's a spring. I planted lettuce seeds yesterday, and I am worrying about them out there in the chill - and it's May soon, and that is wrong!