Sunday, May 1, 2011

Just Thought I'd Tell You...........

There is a dusting of snow on the ground this morning.  More to come today. It's 31 degrees, but the winds are 30-35mph.  Feels like 20 degrees.  I give up.

Seriously thinking about attempting to take the computer apart after tomorrow.  Needs a new battery - I have it - and I noticed the fan is clogged with clumps of dust and not running.  This is a "no-no" from what technie son tells me.  Though he doesn't know the fan has stopped.

Either that, or I let the whole thing burn out and buy a new computer.  I need some entity to raise MY Debt Ceiling!!

BBQ ribs for supper tonight.  Unfortunately, not on the grill (refer to first sentence).  Trying to decide if I want to make something for dessert.

I wanted to get to the store today.  Gotta think about that.

Yesterday is was raining buckets - all day, from the night before.  And the winds!

6 more days to the Lake Elmo Sheep and Wool Festival!!  Oh geezz.  I gotta make a list.

Next Saturday is supposed to be sunny and warm, 60-65 degrees.  I'm going to light some candles and say a Novena.

Started on the second "ugly sock".  Got a feeling this is going to take a lonnngg time to finish.  Crap.

Looked out the kitchen window this morning to see one of the birdhouses blew down - post and all.  Double crap.

Wishing you all a happy, peaceful, cozy day!


Judy said...

If I were Samantha on the old Bewitched tv show I would blink you over here for a visit and thaw you out! We are in the 60's today but rain is expected (better than snow)and 50's the rest of the week (better than 30's) Hope the weather gets better by you. Clean the computer fan and raise the debt limit at the s&w festival!

Linda said...

Oh, thank you Judy. I would love to be blinked over for a nice visit! I'm still comtemplating the puter fan, but I do believe I will enjoy the festival very much - even in dollars and cents! Wishing you more beautiful weather!