Monday, May 16, 2011

Shhhhh......Pretend I'm Not Here..........

Don't make any noise....I'm supposed to be cleaning the house today.  Haven't done a thing in......3 weeks.  Except clean the bathroom (that's a given - there is, afterall, a man in the house), the kitchen and change the bed linens.  No dusting, no vacuuming.  Well I have reasons......

First and most importantly - I HATE housework.  Been doing it for near 50 years.  I believe that at this point in my life, I have a right to do with my days whatever I want.

Second - I've been spinning and knitting like there's no tomorrow.  Just started a poncho yesterday (and immediately had to frog it twice before the pattern finally made sense.  Btw: there is a mistake in the pattern, so it wasn't my ineptitude).  And I'm continuing on the "ugly" sock. Got the heel flap almost done.  Spinning the red wool.  Which turned out to actually be a burgundy.  Very nice all the same.

Third - my body has been suffering post-fall problems.  From the fall I took last Saturday at the wool festival.  I was pretty achy and sore that Sunday and Monday.  Felt much better Tuesday and Wednesday.  A little sore again on Thursday; Friday, having trouble moving and sitting.  This Saturday - holy crap!!  I could barely move at all!!  My hip.  The same hip I seem to always twist the wrong way. 

But I attribute this relapse on the fact that I've been spinning like there was a deadline!  Don't think the constant motion on the treadleboard was conducive to the hip repairing itself.

We were supposed to go to daughter's Saturday.  BH and son were going to put in her air conditioner; I was going to help her put away the winter clothes and put the summer ones in place.  And then we were going to go shopping for a few more summer outfits and new sneakers (for her).  Didn't happen.  BH didn't want to leave me home alone, so plans were cancelled til  yesterday.  I stayed home; he and son went and did their job, she did the clothes switching herself.  Shopping is left for another day.

BH waited on me all day Saturday.  What a guy!!  And the heating pad was my closest and best friend for 2 days.  Today it's much better; a little sore, but more of an annoyance.

So I figured if I was a bit active today, it would work out the kinks.  So I guess I better get at it.  Still haven't cleaned out the old farmhouse - and city cleanup day is this coming Saturday!!  Yikes.  And the yard --- oh man.  I really need to get out there and weedwhack!

Haven't touched my wheel in 3 days.  I think I'm getting the "dt"s.  I need to treadle!!  But I don't dare.  At least for a couple more days.

Here's hoping my plan works and my activity today will have me back to feeling like my old self.......I mean, my younger self.  My "self" already feels old!!

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Denise said...

Hoping you're feeling better. I'm still waiting to feel like my younger self.

I've been spinning quite a bit the past few days and wondering why my back and legs hurt.