Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy First Holiday Weekend of the Summer!!

Well, here we are! Another Summer season is upon us. Can you stand it?!

And it's the opening weekend of Bass fishing! I am officially a fishing widow. Son came up last night loaded for bear -- no. no. Bass.  He is so confident of the catch today that he brought up everything to prepare a trout dinner.  Yes. I said trout.  He is an obsessive avid trout fisherman.  Tomorrow is Bass.

Last weekend he was up here for fishing.  Caught 4 trout in 15 minutes! But released them because things were too helter skelter.  Ah, but trout won't be so lucky this weekend.  Dinner.

Also last weekend I was still nursing a bad hip, so moving around a lot was not in my game plan.  The pain didn't really subside til Monday.  By Tuesday, I was ready to rock and roll!  Oh yeah!  Finally got into the flower beds. Cleaned, weeded, mulched.  Wednesday got out all the lawn and garden ornaments, solar lights, birdbath.  BH finished cutting all the grass. I weedwhacked like a crazy woman.  NOW I'm ready for summer!  Except for the pool --- if the weather co-operates, that will be going up this week.  If it's not up by next weekend, that plan will be scrapped.  Won't be enough days for the water to warm up and keep it's warmth; not worth the water bill and the hassle.  Here's hoping!

We also went to the home center and bought another A/C.  The big kind that you vent out the window and can roll around (?).  I never understood the concept of "rolling" around an air conditioner.  Anywho, we already have one that keeps the main house cool, but needed one for the big house addition.  We used to have a window A/C for the family room, but since the new windows went in last summer, it doesn't quite fit without running the risk of denting the window frame.  Sooo ----- another "rolling" one will do the trick.

Problem is - we can barely get out of the 60's for day temps.  The A/C is still sitting in the box.  The other one is not hooked up.  And there are no fans in the house either.  Oh, yes. I still use fans.  One in every room.  For a total of 7.  I do not like heat!  Even in the winter.  I need to keep the bedroom window open a couple of inches. And sometimes, the window next to my recliner in the FR. when it gets too warm in the house.  Even if it's 20 below 0!

Went to the garden center yesterday and bought annuals for the pots.  Of course, it's raining today - and tomorrow - and Monday, so heaven only knows when they'll get planted.  We also went out last week and got 8 bags of red mulch.  There's a HUGE flower bed in front of our mobile home that currently has Lilies of the Valley. Has had for 18 years.  It's time for a change.  Especially since they only last for about a week and then I'm fighting weeds and dying plants for the rest of the summer. 

So the plan is to cut them all down, dig out what we can and then put down black plastic with the red mulch on top.  Then I'm going to place different pots with the annuals on the mulch.  I'm very excited about this.  Can't wait for those little buggers to bloom and die off.  I hope I can remember to take "before and after" pictures to post here.

Techie son is also supposed to come up today for the weekend. He doesn't fish, so we spend the days yammering, eating, drinking and playing with his bunny, Lambchop.  I love her!  She's soooo much fun and has a great personality!  But very, very high maintenance!!  It's like all the other grandchildren --- you love to have them come up, but you love to see them go home!

Haven't done any spinning in over 2 weeks - due to the hip.  But have been knitting.  Got the yoke done on the poncho, but put it aside because now starts the lace patterning.  Need to have a clear, conscience mind to start that - and that's not now.  So went back to the "ugly" socks.  Almost to the toe on the second one, but it looks like I'll be running out of the striping wool for the toe.  I'll have to go back and rip out the one on the other sock and re-configure the striping.  Geezzzz.

Well, I better get my arse in gear.  Planning on making  cherry and blueberry pies-one of each.  And better pull something out of the freezer for supper ---- just in case.  Can always have it tomorrow!

You all have a happy and safe holiday weekend!  God bless our troops, near and far, young and old, living and deceased.  May we never forget.

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