Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Made It!!!!...........

Well, all most.  This is the month I sign up for........Social Security!!  Next week, in fact.  Can I get a "WooHoo!!"?  OMG, I've been waiting for this for seriously 2 years!  Can't wait to get my first check in October.  Neither can BH.  He has big plans.  He says his goal is to stay alive long enough to enjoy the benefits of my money for a while!  What a dreamer!!

On the home front, both sons came up from the Cities this past weekend; one to fish, one to hang out.  Fishing was not the greatest - not trout, anyway.  The poor kid.  Last week he catches 4 within 15 minutes, but was just testing out the lake.  This time he's loaded for bear - eh, trout, - and Nada!

He also brought up bags and bags of groceries to prepare a delicious trout dinner - all the fixins'.  He called me at 2:00pm to say they had nothing and he hoped I had an alternative for supper. (uh, yah, I'm a fisherman's wife!)  He also said the boat sprung a leak and all their equipment got soaked.  Ohhh boy.
He also said he accidently locked his keys in the trunk!  And all the car doors were locked.  Had to call a locksmith - and it costs him $75.00!!!  Double "Ohhhh boy!".   This is becoming one very expensive fishing weekend!

So, we had Italian sausages w/ fried peppers and onions on bakery rolls, baked beans and corn on the cob.  I did make the 2 pies for dessert - 1 cherry and 1 blueberry.  So all was good.  I also ran up to the store and got 1/2 case of beer --- of which I enjoyed a few bottles myself!!

Sunday was much better.  Only they fished for Bass.  Came home with 5!  We had a Bass fry for supper.  However, when it came time to cleaning the fish, BH couldn't find his filet knife.  "Ryan's got one; use his", says I.   "No, he HAD one", says BH.  "Used it to try and get the trunk open.  Broke the blade".   Ohhh.

So the fish were cleaned using my filet knife ( which has a serated edge - not good), a steak knife and a paring knife.  But they got the job done, and the fish was relatively boneless and delicious!!

Of course, while all this hunting for a proper knife was going on, son yells to me "I hope you had something else planned for supper".   Silly boy.  I already had 7 chicken breasts marinating in the fridge!!

Yep, fried fish, baked and grilled chicken, great fried potatoes (a combo of white, yukons, reds and yams(!) with peppers and onions!  This is son's recipe, the first time for us, but it was great!!  Lots of flavor!   Oh, and he brought 4# of asparagus, which I steamed, and we had watermelon.

So, all in all, it turned out to be a pretty good weekend.  Fishing son left at 7:45am on Monday, mainly because of the storms we had overnight and were supposed to get during the day, and to beat the traffic headed back to the Cities.  Techie son left about 1:15pm.  And it was quiet in the house!  We rested for the remainder of the day.

I've been putzing around the house this week.  Don't know where it came from, but I got hit with a sore throat and nasal congestion on Tuesday night. So I immediately started dosing myself with medicine yesterday morning.  Feeling much better today, thank goodness.

Today I want to get out and plant my flowers --- before the next batch of rain storms (tomorrow).  Gotta go to daughter's tomorrow and stay overnight.  Taking her clothes shopping on Saturday morning.

Sunday is supposed to be a beautiful day, so BH and I are planning on doing the front garden bed.  Can't wait!  I know it's going to look great when we get it done!  Before the next batch of storms -- on Monday.

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Sandie Knapp said...

Oh my, you have been very busy! It sounds like you need a weekend off.

Congratulations on making it to Social Security age. It gets older and older every year, these days. So I'm glad you pulled it off, and I hope you hang around to collect it for a good long time too!! :)