Sunday, June 12, 2011

We're Gettin' 'Er Done.............

Another gorgeous weekend!  I'm so filled with ambition and energy, I'm giddy with myself!  Yesterday I finally got out and scraped the windows.  We caulked and painted the frames a couple weeks ago. That was a job that was on the list for last year -- didn't get done til now.

Today is another beautiful day, so we're putting the pool up.  This will most likely be an all-afternoon affair.  And I'm pretty sure my energy will be zapped for the rest of the day.  But that's ok.  At least it'll be done.

However, according to the weather report, we're expecting 3 days of rain in various degrees, starting tomorrow.  Rats!!  Makes me think we should postpone the pool.  But I know if we do that, it'll never get done, and before you know it ----- it'll be 98 degrees again and I'll be swearing a blue streak!!  Onward and upward.

Tomorrow is being planned as "Wool Day".  Perfect if we get said rain.  I've got 4 skeins that need to be washed, as well as the "ugly socks" and a hat.  Also plan on gathering up my dyeing equipment and get started tomorrow on dyeing some grey Shetland.  I'll do kettle and crockpot.  I really love to do painted roving, but I'm not in the mood right now for all that.  Maybe later this summer.

By the way, check out "Passing Down Crazy"'s blog.  Look at the gorgeous skeins she and the kids dyed!  Love, love, love them!!  What a great first attempt at dyeing!

I was in the old farmhouse yesterday, looking for more lawn ornaments.  As I'm looking around, I said to myself "wow, this isn't so bad.  We could probably get this organized and cleaned out in no time".  Started feeling pretty positive about it.  So, this is definitely going on the list.  Maybe we'll start this coming week, being that it's going to rain anyway.  This job is a thorn in my side!  Been wanting to get at it for a long time.  But everytime I start thinking about it, I can barely get up the gumption to do it.  The thought of  going through everything, organizing, throwing out - yuck.  There's a lot of crap over there!  Not to mention boxes and boxes of craft supplies from back in the day.  Most of that needs to be sorted out and re-boxed.  Maybe for the yard sale this summer.  Another plan that has been going astray for about 5 years --- a yard sale.

I've been collecting stuff for all those years.  Good stuff you really don't want to throw out.  Everytime we come across something while cleaning out something else, I tell BH "No, no, don't throw it out.  Put it over in the house for my Yard Sale".  Right now, I could probably run a month of weekend yard sales!

Today is my baby's birthday.  He is 32 today.  Gotta call him.  Probably be on the phone for a couple of hours.  We usually talk every weekend, but didn't get around to it last week.  I can still remember when he was little.  How he loved to dig holes right behind the house, saying he was building his own house - with a basement; he was digging the basement.  Or how he used to climb up on my lap, with woobie in hands, curl up and watch "Fraggle Rock".  And how, when he started kindergarten, he would hide behind me at the bus stop so he could pop his thumb in his mouth until the bus came!  And now he's grown.  He's our computer techie; our auto mechanic, our handyman.  Nothing this kid can't do!  He's absolutely amazing.  Unfortunately, he doesn't think so.  He could really write his own ticket in life and have a comfortable, prosperous lifestyle if he put his mind to it.  But it's not for him.  I keep praying anyway.

Update on the A/C:  Well, I attempted to drain the water from the so-called "Full" tank.  There is no water!!  Got a few drops out.  I even went so far as to tip the damn thing backward and forward. Nothing.  But I moved it to another window, another outlet by itself (as recommended in the instructions), hoping this would end the TV remote interference.  Nope.  The remote still sets off the settings on the stupid thing.  And it's not even facing that direction.  I did turn it on once and the "Full" light was off and the condensor light was on.  But I didn't leave the machine on for any length of time to see if it was now working properly because ---- it's been in the 60's here.  And I'd rather have the windows open, than the A/C on.  So the story continues...........more updates to come.

Well, I better get my arse in gear; burning daylight here.  Wishing you all a wonderful, beautiful, peaceful weekend.  Enjoy!

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