Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Enough Is Enough!!.............

Ok. Our 3rd day of rain and cool temps.  It poured all day yesterday - and I do mean poured!!  With winds about 40mph.  Our front yard is littered with tree branches; looks like Paul Bunyon went crazy with the ax - but never cleaned up after himself.

Today is the same.  It is pouring as I write.  Along with occasional thunder and lightening.  BH and I had planned on going to Grand Rapids (MN not MI) to shop. Actually just to get the hell out of the house for a while.  I'm not too enthused about it right now.  I need to take a shower.  But I'm waiting for the chance of lightening to pass.  I'm paranoid about being in the shower during a lightening strike.  I won't even let BH take one.

However, we have a pool almost outside the bathroom window.  1500 gals. of water; and the filter is plugged into the outside recepticle that is -- you guessed it --- right outside the bathroom window.

Well, lightening may blow out the electric, I just don't want it hitting me in the shower!!

And what the hell is this?  Washington state??  I don't think they get this much rain!  BH just told me we're moving to northern Alaska.  He says they don't have this crap up there; it's consistent weather -- cold -- all the time!!  Hehehe, silly man.

While I'm complaining, I do want to say my prayers are with the folks in southern MN.  They are under a flood watch - again.  Apparently the rivers have not receeded much from the previous floods, and they're about to go over their banks again.  Some people have been flooded out 3 times already; this will be the 4th.  God bless you all.

Well, I finished plying the burgundy.  4 bobbins full and a 5th that had to be Nplied.  Oh, and the black Shetland has been Nplied.  So maybe later today or tomorrow they will be skeined and washed.

Finished knitting a beret out of the white, which is actually a cream color.  Added crystal glass beads to it, a technique I saw on "Knitting Daily" with Eunny Jung.  What a great tip this was.  I always add beads while spinning a single and then ply for yarn.  And though there is some wiggle room to move them to another position while knitting, sometimes not enough.  This tip was great - add a bead where you want it.  The beret turned out very nice and the beads look great.  Now I'm knitting up matching fingerless mitts.

My niece's bridal shower is Saturday.  We'll be staying overnight at son and fiance's place; coming home Sunday afternoon.  It's a "Jack and Jill" shower, which means the men attend also.  Whose bright idea was this??? Probably some insecure little Nellie who wanted to make sure her man wasn't out with the boys while the Hens were oohing and ahhing over household appliances!

Man, I liked it better when it was a "hen" party, starting at 1:00pm, ending at 5:00pm, on a Sunday afternoon, and then everyone went home.  This soire is starting at 5:00pm, ending--------when the beer is gone, says the invitation.  Good grief!

Well, I gotta go make some alternate plans for today.  Hope BH doesn't insist on taking that ride today.  I know - I'll tell him we'll order his telescope today!!  Yeah. That's the ticket!  Once he gets on the computer, it's all over.  There's cribbage to play.  That's good for about 6 hours!

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