Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Random Thoughts...........

**Because we are in our 4th day of rain, cold and darkness, my mind is a globulation of thoughts.  One-liners running together that can't be individually thought out.

**Saturday is my niece's bridal shower.  I still have to wrap the gifts, figure out what to wear - winter or summer?  Trim BH's hair, decide what time to pick up daughter for the trip to the Cities, and how I'm going to respond to the excommunicated daughter who is supposed to show up at the shower.  We haven't spoken since my dad passed away.  But that's another very long, sad story.

**While on this thought, (hey, I guess I can have more than a one-line thought!), it's also rumbling around in my brain how everything will go at the wedding that ex daughter is also supposed to attend.  Not only has she not talked to me, she hasn't talked to her youngest brother, who happens to work for the same company she does (won't acknowledge him at work!), she hasn't talked to my sister for over a year - and never even sent condolences when my mom passed away on New Year's Eve day.

**I've been spending a lot of time spinning and knitting.  Therefore, housework has been a "no go".  And I was on such a "high" when the weather actually seemed like summer.  I was so proud of myself for planning projects and actually getting them done!  But with this crappy weather, I just want to hibernate again.

**I started spinning the blue - what I thought was Cormo, but when splitting it yesterday, I realized it's Merino.  And not a good Merino.  Lots of bumps, clumps and tinnnyyyy pieces of sand-like matter.  All to be picked out as spinning.  Aaaarrggghhh!  But I love the color, and plan on plying it with a striated blue superwash Merino.  Of which I have about 2#s.  What the hell is wrong with me?!  It's my addiction.  Well, despite all that, I know it'll be a beautiful yarn.

**I really hope we get back to summer weather soon because I have a lot to get done before my sister comes out here.  She'll be here 2 days before the wedding, staying with us til we all go to the Cities on that Saturday.  I'd like to have things looking just "spiffy"!!  Since she hasn't been here in 5 years!

**BH's birthday is July 9.  He will be 75.  I'd love to have a big party for him, but don't know how I'd pull it off.  July 5, we take daughter to Mayo Clinic for a checkup on her hip replacement;  July 7 I have a dentist appointment.  So I'm kind of trying to talk myself into having it the weekend after.  That way, it'll really be a surprise for him.

**Besides this, to have the kids and brother, sister-in-law come up, some people would have to rent a hotel room.  We live in a small mobile home.  And they would have to spend more money - being that there's the wedding a month later.

**I don't know if I can muster the energy to plan a buffet/picnic meal, make and decorate a cake, shop for all the incidentals and be a hostess with the mostess.  Especially if we're still in the October weather mode.  Not to mention the cost of the whole shibang.  Crap.  I asked him if he would like a party for his birthday (actually I suggested we have a party), he said "no", he doesn't want one; wait until his 80th.  Now that's positive thinking!!

**I  know BH really wants to get away.  We've been talking about doing a lot of camping this summer(?), and he probably would rather do that for his birthday.  But we have this "camping rule" -- no camping on the weekends.  Too crowded, too noisy, too many kids running around, too many jerks running around.

**Well, I gotta plan some trips, with the bulk of them most likely in August when all the hulabaloo is over.

**Every so often, the thought runs through my head if I'm going to do the Craft Show at the school this year.  Haven't done one in about 5-6 years.  But I've got a lot of stuff left over that is stored in the farmhouse, that I'd really like to get rid of, and it's been the motivation for all the spinning and knitting.  BH keeps asking me "how many pairs of socks, how many hats and mitts, how many scarves do you have made?"   I DON'T KNOW!  I JUST KEEP MAKING THEM; I KNOW I HAD TO SEPERATE THEM INTO THEIR OWN STORAGE TOTES!  Geezzz.

**Oh yeah.  I've gotta check the 100 yards of material that is stored, and see if there's something I can make a dress out of for the wedding.  This, of course, is my accumulation of quilting material --- which hasn't seen the light of day for -- eh, maybe 4 years.

**Ok. There's no spinning or knitting getting done while I'm on the computer.  So, I'm going back at it.  Onward and upward.  Slow and steady wins the race.  This is one amazing race.  Dare I say, seemingly with no end in sight!!

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Judy said...

We have two more days of rain due, two days off and then Tues & Wed of the 7day forecast predicts rain. Very humid though which we are not use to. Since I can't get into the garden, spinning & knitting have kept me sane! (?)