Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Party and The Plans...........

Well, dear friends, the bridal shower on Saturday was a success.  Niece was very happy - especially since most of the guests were groom's family.  Ours are scattered all over the country.  But those of us who live in MN made it.  Even techie son who does not participate in social gatherings came.

The shower was held at the groom's mother's home.  Right from the beginning, I felt like I was in a "reality" TV show.  Holy crap!  You would not believe this house!  Huge, for one.  Decorated in dark burgundy and eggplant color schemes (not together!).  One of those wraparound sofas, with the chaise lounge at the one end; pictures of couples in a French artist kind of way; the master bathroom had a whirlpool tub, candles and scented oil warmers all over the place; satins, silks, suedes in every room.

I asked BH: "if we get divorced, can I have a house like this?"  Yes, she's divorced; don't know what the ex does for a living.  She -- she looks like a "cougar".  Yep, I was in the middle of a "cougar reality TV show".  I know this because "Snooky" and "Kim Kardashian" were there, too.  Actually, I think there were 2 Kardashians; only 1 "Snooky".  What the hell is up with that???

Times like these make me sooooo thankful that I am waayyyy past that time in my life.  Glad to be a middle-aged Granny.  I don't have to put on airs anymore.  I don't have to dress, act and talk like all the empty-headed, full-of-themselves "celebrities" in the media.  Of course the down side to all this is I feel like ----  my mother.  I think I'm becoming my own mother!!  Lord help me!

Anywho, the decision was made on Sunday that I will be having a birthday party for BH next weekend.  Kind of forced on me because the kids wanted to come up for 4th of July.  But after explaining that we have to go to Rochester on Tuesday, and I really want this weekend to relax, I suggested that they all come up next weekend because it's "dad's birthday".  To which they all were very excited by the prospect.

And I had to tell BH, because I need to clean out the camper for extra sleeping arrangements.  I was trying to do this on the QT yesterday, but he kept fighting me about why it had to be done.  "Plenty of room in the house; someone can throw the air mattress on the floor; they did it before.  I don't know why you have to move all that stuff in the camper now and then you're just going to move it back.  Who's all coming up here, anyway?".......blah, blah, blah.  So I had to spill the beans.

Then he tells me that son who lives near us is coming with his friend.  I said I thought he would; I was going to invite him and his family anyway.  "Yeah, but he's gotta bring the 2 kids because his wife has other plans for the weekend".  Well, I planned on the kids being here anyway, with his wife.  So it doesn't matter.

Now I'll be planning a big picnic, shopping, cooking, baking; a cookout, setting up the volleyball net, getting out the crokay set(you know - wires, mallets, stakes and balls; the lawn game), the pool toys, the coolers for beer and pop. 

And next week is already full of things to do: Tuesday, Rochester; Wednesday, take daughter home; Thursday, dentist appointment and then grocery shopping.  Friday, clean house, prepare food, bake and decorate cake, and get everything set up.  I'm tired just thinking about it.

All I can say is "God, please don't let it rain!!"

We're supposed to get thunderstorms today.  Which is a surprise because according to the weatherman last night, there wasn't suppose to be any rain until late tonight. It was supposed to be very hot and humid, which seems to still be on track.  So......that blows the plans for more outside work.  Basic housework is done, so I have 7 skeins of yarn to ball up into cakes, and then more knitting.  Because then it'll be nap time!

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