Thursday, June 9, 2011

Well, Well, Well.........

Lots going on here over the past week or so.  I wound up with a bad cold last Tuesday, was good for nothing all week.  Just what I needed, something else to throw a monkey wrench into my things-to-get-done.

Thursday, I felt a bit better, still congested.  Thought maybe some manual labor would work the crap outta my system.  So, I went out and planted all the pots for the soon-to-be remodeled flower bed.  It looked like rain all the while, but I got 'er done!  Then I died for the rest of the day.  It didn't work the crap outta my system.

Friday - blah.  Saturday, cleaned house (finally!).  Sunday was a gorgeous, warm, sunny day.  BH and I started outside about 10:30am.  He, cutting the grass.  Me, weedwhacking and then - I started tackling the flower bed.

This bed is about 28" off the ground.  It was built up that way to hide the hitch on the front of the mobile home.  The bed is 4' deep x 12' long.  I know.  But at least I didn't have to get on my knees to clean it out.

I got up into it, weedwhacker in hand, and started mowing the weeds and lily of the valley down (weeds were about 12" high!)  Worked like a charm!!  No muss, no fuss!!  (well, there actually was a lot of muss).  I love my weedwhacker.  I could probably cut down a decent size tree with it.  I know I can cut the cable line with it! (been there; done that).

Anywho, that done, next came the black plastic.  Easy peezy.  Then the 8 bags of red mulch.  Beautiful!!  Looks great!  Then the decorating.  The solar lights; the various flower pots and a couple of my garden angels.  Done.

There's just one problem.  We have chipmunks.  They have holes all over the yard.  You'd think we have our own Putt-Putt green.  That's not all.  This year, for some unknown reason, maybe the munks thought it was time to put on additions to their maze of tunnels, they dug 2 huge holes in this flower bed.

I covered the holes.  With double thick black plastic and 4" of red mulch.  They're just going to have to rebuild.  Ahh, but every so often, one of them is in the flower bed, trying to figure out just how to go about getting through the mulch and ripping a hole in the plastic.  I am constantly on guard!  Shooing him away when I see him, yelling at him.  (I say it's a "him", because even a female chipmunk would understand and appreciate the beauty of the newly remodeled flower bed!)

I did take "before and after" pictures, but have yet to load them on the computer.  I will.  And I will post them soon.

Right now, I need to be ever vigilant.  It's me against the munks!

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