Saturday, May 7, 2011

What I Did On My Vacation.......

No, not a real vacation......but from blogging.  Not by choice. Yep. The ol' computer finally died.  I did everything in my power for 3 days, day and night. Reading manuals, replaced the power supply (by myself!!) and the battery; messed with OS calibrations.  Nothing.

Finally on Thursday, BH said "don't make yourself crazy over this" (Ha! now ya tell me!), "we'll just go get a new one; let's go".

Now, he's been without the cribbage site, checking the news back in NY, and checking up on the Yankees for 4 days.  How much is a man supposed to endure??!!

I felt sick to my stomach because it was like losing an old friend.  Not to mention that techie son built the system for us, maintained and upgraded it as well.  I was about to lose a part of me.  There must be something to do.  But no.  I could wait one more day until I could call son and have him walk me through a repair, but after 10 years with this old, sometimes troublesome, friend, BH and I decided to take the leap.

So, off we went.  We talked with a very nice, knowledgable young man.  Spent 2 hours going through different units.  Gotta say here that our intentions were to purchase only a new processor.  But wow! There's a "Bundle Package" price that includes the monitor and printer.  AND this one's discounted, that one's discounted, we could mix and match.  Some units had the OS software CD included! (new computers now are already loaded with Windows -- but you don't get the CD.  So if you need to restore Windows, you have to go out and buy it separately! (Good one, BIll!)

OMG!  My head was spinning!  So many choices; so many beautiful pieces!  Well we finally picked the package.  Soooo happy!  Yes, yes, we'll take the Tech Support package too!  Checked out and we were on our way home with our new friend.

But now I needed to rest.  Didn't want to start setting this all up until I could muster up the courage.  So we waited til yesterday morning.  First I had to gather up all the old equipment, clear off the computer desk.  Miles and miles of cords.  In the meantime, techie son calls out of the blue.  I finally got the courage to tell him we bought a new computer.  Yikes. It was like telling him dad and I were leaving the country forever, never to come back.  He was, to say the least, disappointed.

  "I could've built you a computer for less than half the price; put anything you wanted into it".  "Yeah, but you're so busy and far away.  And we always have to call you with problems", say I.  "I don't mind that. You know I love building computers" says he.  Now my heart and stomach are sinking even lower.  I ask if he wants the old units.  Yes, he does.  So I boxed everything up for him, including installation CD's, manuals, backup CD's and such.

Ah, but the new computer!!  OMG!!  It's beautiful!  It's going to take a bit of time to get acquainted with all the new do-dads, though.  But the "Tech Support" guy is coming Monday to walk us through it all.  I Hate reading "How To" manuals!!  Sadly, I did not tell techie son that we signed up for a year of Tech Support.  I fear that would've thrown him over the edge!  So, we're just going to keep it on the "QT".

So, BH is happy --- back to cribbage, hometown news and the Yanks.  And me --- well here I am.  Love It!

And, today is "Shepherd's Harvest" wool festival in Lake Elmo.  I've been up since 4:00am!  Can't wait to get there.  Got my list ready, my tote bag on wheels (don't know what the actual name is for this thing), and visions of new wool and accessories dancing in my head.  I love wool festivals!

Well, here's wishing you all a very Happy Mother's Day!  Hope you find time to relax and enjoy!

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