Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just Hanging In There..........

So, this is the second day since my unfortunate fall at the festival.  Still sore; trouble sitting then standing, bending. Crap.  BH makes me put the heating pad on whenever I sit in the recliner (which happens to be a lot!)  Trying to keep the house looking neat; doing as little as possible. 

I pulled steaks out of the freezer yesterday morning for supper.  But by mid afternoon, I knew that wasn't gonna happen.  So asked BH if he minded DQ for supper.  We go with the cheap menu - 3 for $4 - each.  Ok with him.  The steaks will be on the menu for tonight, though.  They're a cheap cut, but food is food; don't want to have to throw them away.

Right now we're waiting for the big thunderstorm to come our way.  Lightening, hail, winds, heavy rain.  It's getting darker outside.  I hope it gets here soon - and passes - because I intended to get into the shower this morning!  Won't do it with the threat of lightening looming in the air.  Just won't do it.

I haven't touched the second brown sock for days now.  But have been spinning.  Finished the white singles and a bump of black that was still lurking in the tub.  So, the white is now being plied - 2 Shetland, 1 Merino.  Feels like a fingering/sockweight yarn.  Not sure what to do with the black; there's maybe a couple of ounces. Don't really want to NP it.  But I do have a navy blue roving and a tub of grey Shetland.  Now I'm thinking maybe I'll spin equal amounts of those 2 and then ply all 3 colors together.  Should be interesting.

Also remembered there's about a pound of the red I was working on some months ago.  That's next on the list; finish up the red.  Then I'm done with all the colors (except the grey, of which there's about 4#s!) I started months (last year??) ago.  Then I can move on to different, exciting colors!  Hey, maybe I'll get around to dyeing the BFL just purchased - and some of that grey, too!  Oh Happy Days!

But first things first.  I have to get rid of this pain in my lower back.  It's not conducive to spiking my energy level!

I am really loving this new computer! It's so fast and easy!  Wow, it's great to be in the 21st century!  The Geek tech was here yesterday to check everything out and connect the printer for me.  He said all the connections and downloads were fine.  The printer worked beautifully.  Of course, that was just with a test print.  I haven't actually printed anything on my own yet, nor scanned anything.  But geezz, it looks purrty!!

Well, I'm off to do a little straightening up around here and back to the plying.  Wishing you all a great day!

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