Friday, September 16, 2016

Country Wedding, Country Life, Country Miles

Hello!  Well, we returned from NY last Thursday.  Our oldest son got married.  We're so happy for him; I'm "over the moon" happy!!!  After 23 years of marriage and 2 sons, his previous wife decided she didn't want to be married, never did, and left them last year to persue a career in NYC.  But enough about that.

Our new daughter in law is wonderful.  She makes him laugh, smile and really enjoy life.  He never had that.  She kisses him, hugs him, looks after him.  He never had that.  And his sons, 24 and 22,  are as happy as we all are.

They had the wedding in the backyard of the country house they bought in April.  They moved in in July and have been renovating everything.  Both of them have always wanted to live in the country.  Their dream has come true.

The reception was held in the backyard, also.  Tents, tables/chairs, dance floor were all rented; DJ was hired; food was catered, wedding cupcakes and a small cake for them to cut were ordered from the bakery.

All the family members and friends spent 3 days before the big day setting up, preparing, running errands and enjoying each others' company.  It was truly wonderful!  My sister, friend and I decorated the arch and bought the runner for the ceremony outside. 

So they left last Sunday for a honeymoon in Vegas......Vegas, baby!  Due to come home today.  I am sure they had a great time; hope they won some big money!!

We had a bit of a setback on the day we were to leave NY and come home.  The serpentine belt broke on our van.  Thank goodness newly married son is an auto mechanic....and we have AAA.  It was towed to his work place, he fixed it and we were on the road, just a 1/2 day later than planned.

The ride home was uneventful....except I missed the exit we always take to avoid Chicago AT ALL COSTS!   So....we wound up going through Chicago...for 2 1/2 hours....just through the city.  The suburbs were no picnic all the way.   Traffic was brutal!!   Then we hit a deluge of a rainstorm heading to Wisconsin.  But we made it to our destination and hotel before the final leg of the trip the next day.  Whew!

So happy to get OUR place in the country.  Until we opened the door, walked into the kitchen and had a big surprise!!   It seems while we were gone, a bunch of mice decided to move in and have a party of their own!!  We don't know how many, but from all the damage and signs left behind, you'd think there was dozens!!  OMG!!!  Never had this happen before.  (No pictures were taken, needless to say).

So I spent that night and the next 3 days cleaning and disinfecting.  They even found BH's cought drops in his armoir, took about 8 of them into the bottom drawer of his dresser and proceeded to chew the wrappers off and eat some of the cough drops.  They also left a bunch behind the armoir.  So....that drawer of clothing had to be washed all over again.  Besides the 6 loads already on the agenda.  Aaaaarrrggghhh!! 

2 days later, on Sunday, we traveled down to Minneapolis (150 miles one way) to take our "City" son some kitchen supplies and small appliances to his new apartment, and then a trip to my brother's to pick up all the stuff son wants to store here.  Took a van-load down, brought a van-load back.  Stopped at the big box hardware store and picked up 4 heavy duty mouse traps.  Caught 3 of the little buggers, one each night.  Nothing since Wednesday.  Hopefully that was all of them, or at least the message got out to the rest of the hell-raisers.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

Miles and miles and miles.  One more trip this weekend to pick up the other son from the Minneapolis.  He's been in Switzerland for the past 2 weeks visiting his daughter, her husband, son and all the inlaws.  First time he's been there.  He's planning on moving there permanently after the holidays.

Then the youngest son bought a the 'burbs of Mpls.  Closing is Oct. 5.  I'm expecting that we'll be going down there again to help him move and see his first home. 

My brother's Irish band is playing at a bar in the northern 'burbs on Oct. 1 and wants us to come down again.  They played there, and we went, at the end of August.  They've been invited back for the bar's 1st anniversary of it's opening.   Well, Oct. 1 is my birthday.  We're not sure yet if we're up for another 2 1/2 hour ride, a party, a stay-over, and another 2 1/2 hour trip back home.   We're pretty much traveled out!

And that's what happens when you live in the country.   Lots of doings, lots of privacy and pleasure.  Lots of unexpected turmoil.   And. an. awful. lot. of. MILES!


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

My gosh, you have been around. It all seems to be for the good. Family is everything and celebrating with them must have been wonderful. Your son and his new wife look so happy and those pictures were a delight to see. I do love love.

Linda said...

Thank you, Arleen.