Friday, December 30, 2016


Christmas Limbo, to be exact.  You know.....that time between the day after Christmas until the day after New Year's Day.  Sometimes longer, depending on the variables.

It's that time when you can't really get back into the daily routine because the decorations are still up everywhere, there's still a week's worth of leftovers in your fridge, and you haven't quite figured out where to store the Christmas presents.

You made a decision that for the whole week you would do nothing but knit and spin.  In your pajamas.  The whole day.  Every day.  You would totally relax; it would be calm and quiet.  Hey, maybe start reading the new book you wanted so add to your collection.  You know....the other 3 received the past 3 Christmases that haven't seen the light of day since.

Ahhh, well.  Then life steps in.  There's still errands to run, bills to pay, freezers that need to be re-organized, cookies need to be put into freezer bags and away.  And that checkbook register better get balanced before another deduction from the account.

Cleaning?  Laundry?  Oh yeah.  At least a bit here and there.

You want to start undecorating the house.  Put it all away,  Move the furniture back in place.  It'll look so clean and organized.  But there was a monsterous ICE STORM on Christmas Day.  The outside temps haven't and will not go over the freezing point for the next month.  The storage boxes for all the glitz and glitter are in the old farm house (read: storage unit) that is a good 50 ft. away.  And there are 2" of sheer ice covered by only 1" of snow from here to there......and everywhere.  Not to mention the wind has been whipping into double digits for the past 4 days.

What to do.  What to do. about writing in your blog that you've been sorely kept up on?  How about a nice long nap?  Or a few, scattered throughout the day?  Watch a movie.  Catch up on a TV series?  You're bored; in a tither; your mind is filled with a myriad of things you really want to do for enjoyment.

Christmas Limbo.  Maybe I'll knit something.

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