Friday, July 17, 2015

Is It Over Yet??............

Summer.  I'm not a big fan of summer.  It's ok for the first few weeks, but now we're into the middle of it.  The beginning of the worst of it.  The heat.  Humidity.  Bugs.  Incessant weeds and grass mowing.  Ear shattering thunder storms.  Torrential rains.  And the ever present  tornado warnings.  No thank you; I've had enough.  Let's move on to the next season.  Fall.  How I love Fall.

Anywho, so since we last visited, some housecleaning and yard work has been done.  Unfortunately, it needs to be done again.  We'll get to that.  The hot, humid days have been upon us with a reprieve or 2 in between.  That's a good thing.

All boxes that were packed up for the "big move" 2 years ago are now unpacked and most things have been put back in place.  There are 2 boxes marked "Keepsakes"......things I definitely don't want to throw out, but don't want to be dusting off anymore either.  Then there's 2 boxes marked "Donate"....which will go to one of the SecondHand stores here in town.   One of these days.

Yesterday was a gray day, threatening rain all day (which didn't arrive till we got into bed last night), so I spent the day setting up a page on FB, supposing it to be a link to my Etsy store.  Hoping to get things back in there for sale by the middle of September.  Since it's all woolen apparel, I didn't see putting it in now, paying the fees and have it sit there.  Am I wrong?  Hmm.....How many people realize that, yes, there will be another winter;  yes, there will be another Christmas shopping season.  And it'll be here quicker than you can say "Bob's your uncle".   So.....plan now?  I know there's such people out there....but I've never really been a stalwart.  I do admire them immensely, though.

We've heard from granddaughter a few times now by FB messaging.  We've got the webcam all set up, got Skype downloaded, ready to go.  Just haven't worked out times we can video chat together.  9 hours difference over there.  And she does spend a lot of free time chatting with her fiancĂ©.   That's quite understandable.  Also, her work schedule is the afternoon shift....from 4 to midnight.   We'll figure it out pretty soon, I'm sure.

Remember the new landscaping lawn mower that I bought for BH a couple of months ago?   The one that made his eyes almost pop out of his head  and me choke when we saw the price?   Yeah....well Monday we had to take it be serviced.   I wanted to throw up.   Right on the show room floor.  In front of all the shiny, clean, brand-spanking-new mowers.

Yeah.  It seems the engine revs started dying the last time he used it.  Quite a noticeable change in the engine sound.  BH checked it out on the "net"....called the service dept.  Yep.  Most likely needs a new air filter.  No, no, you can't rinse out the one in there now.  It's made of'll disintegrate.   A new one will be $5.00.

Now the price isn't bad.  What's bad is he mows the grass every week, sometimes twice a week.  Probably 2 acres at least.  The mower is 2 months old.  So through the season, we're probably looking at 3 or 4 filters.   And for the original price of the'd think they'd have a better, reusable filter, right?  Ppffftttt.

So, not only that, but then I find out the pull cord is stripped of it's cloth covering, right down to the plastic wire core.  How the hell did that happen???  Aaarrrggghhh.   BH is not the most observant or careful person when it comes to .........anything, really.  It was no surprise when he said he never saw the damage being done.  (There's a very funny story of our visit to the DMV for renewing his driver's license and the required eye test....I'll tell you later.  It's hysterical, trust me!)

Well,'s in the shop.  "Can you give me a rough time estimate when it'll be done?"  BH asks the service guy.   "Well, we'll take a look and see what's wrong; probably have to order the parts; we'll get to it by the end of the week.  You should have it back week after next".     Are you friggin' kiddin' me?????   A garage can put a new engine and transmission in your car in less time than that!!   We're not talking a riding mower here; it's a push...ok.....self-propelled...woohoo.....mower!!   Probably 'cause it's under warranty....yeah, that's it.  Not making any money on it, so push it back to the end of the line.

Well, I'm exhausted now.  Get a cup of coffee and see if that restarts my "engine" for the day.   I'll be checking in again soon....unless the heat and humidity do me in.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Holy crap!  This season is going fast.  Not that I mind all that much.  Fall is my very favorite time of year.  So...hurry up, Summer....get it over with.

Whatcha doing for the 4th?  We've got son and daughter coming on Saturday.  A cookout is planned.  Something simple and not too expensive, I'm planning.  Today is grocery shopping day....and other assorted errands.

Good news!....I am totally done with the inside work. The last room was scrubbed and freshened on Saturday.  So,  yesterday I weedwhacked, pulled weeds, fixed the little fencing around the hedges, trimmed the annuals back so they bush out instead of growing tall and "leggy", and Miracle-Gro-ed the gardens and planters.  Yea for me....a gold star!!

Now on to the rest of the outside work.  I want to scrub down the siding on the house.  First time in 12 years.  BH is very nervous about this....he thinks the color of the siding will get all "splotchy".  Oh, for crysakes.  Well, that will be accomplished next week.....great weather is predicated all next week.

Then it's the car.....washing inside and out, preceded by a good vacuuming inside and then shampooing the upholstery and carpeting.  And if time, weather and energy allow.....I just may tackle the van.  And, of course, there will be the old farm house...which needs to be straightened up and re-organized.  And boxes.  Need. to. be. unpacked. ugh.

We're planning a trip back to NY at the end of August to see family.  Did I tell you that already?  Anywho, we've been trying to plan this out since last year.....but something has always come up.  Fingers crossed, it'll finally happen.

Other than that, nothing new going on.  Tomorrow should be a very relaxing, puttering around kind of day.  Maybe I'll get pictures of the latest vest and get them posted.   Oh.....a coconut/banana cream pie will be in the making tomorrow for Saturday.  At the request of BH.  His birthday is the a little extra celebration is definitely called for.

You all have a very safe and happy July 4th!!!