Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tempest Fuget!

Wow! Can you believe that it's almost July?! Summer's half over. Yikes. I'm still Spring cleaning. I figure I should be done by the end of Summer! That should take care of the Fall cleaning. It's a win-win situation!

Today I'm going to clean out the kitchen cupboards; the kitchen will then be done. Got to defrost one of the freezers today; do the other tomorrow and start cleaning the utility room. All I'll have left then is the family room which is going to be a major job. But it'll be very nice when it's finished.

BH just mowed the lawn again yesterday. Lots of rain since last week; the coming weekend it's supposed to rain everyday. That just might put a damper on July 4th fireworks! It's going to be nuts at work that weekend, too. We are totally booked. Where do people find the money?! I can't believe there's that many people who still have usable credit cards! hahaha

I've been managing to get in an hour's worth of spinning every day. Trying to finish the Merino. I have about an ounce or two left. No knitting done. I've given up on that until Fall. The shawl I was working on needs to be frogged -- again! I guess the "knitting pixies" are telling me this is not the time.

I went to my storage tote to get another bobbin and low and behold --- I find 4 bobbins of plied yarn that I need to get skeined and washed! Holy crap! I forgot all about them. What a nice surprise! I do believe this yarn will be knitted into the "Horseshoe Cap", a pattern that was in the summer SpinOff magazine. I love the look of the hat; can't wait to try it out. But not now. This is not the time. Fall is best. "Knitting Pixies".

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