Monday, November 8, 2010


That's right. OMG! Where has the month of October gone?! I can't believe it's November already. I have not posted in over a month. Wasn't on vacation; wasn't sick; or incapacitated; the computer didn't crash. I must have lost my mind!

Been getting a lot done. All flower beds are cleaned out; perennials cut down; lawn ornaments and lights put away. BH has laid hay around the house and is still logging - for next year.

I finished spinning what was on the wheels; skeined, washed and balled it all. Almost finished the shawl. It's on "hold" right now.

Son has been up here for 2 weekends fishing. One weekend he brought his friend and other son came up too. The following weekend, fishing son came up by himself. They caught some nice trout. He's going to try smoking them this weekend with my brother's smoker.

Went to daughter's last week. She had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday and then we had the semi-annual meeting with her Living Skills people. So I went out there Tuesday and spent the night. We did some shopping and she made us great chicken burritos for supper.

Work is still going on. The new owners hit a snag in some paperwork, so the closing is postponed until the middle of November - or so they say. Everyone is getting very edgy, sometimes short tempered. Nerves are frazzled being that none of the employees have a clue as to what our employment status is going to be. Except me. I don't give a crap. I told my supervisor last week that I sincerely hope to be laid off - let go - released - fired.

Well I had to put my foot down. This Christmas thing just didn't sit well. Guilt. So after carefully planning how I would get through this with as little money spent as possible, I informed BH.

Me: "Listen, about not buying any gifts for anyone. I have a problem with that. I had already planned on some things. There's the essay that Corey wrote about my father when he was about 12 yrs. old. I wanted to have that framed with a picture of the two of them. I have to make Kim's slipper socks. It's been a tradition for 5 years now. I can even make John a couple of pair. And I'll make Keri and Ryan a couple pair each. You know that waffle iron that Dean won for me at the casino? Yeah, well I was planning on giving it to Ryan and Keri for Christmas.

And then there's the VHS tape of my parents' 50th anniversary party. I wanted to have it transferred to DVD and give each of the kids a copy for Christmas.

Then I have 2 plaster pieces that I want to paint and give as gifts to my sister and mother. (They're Christmas pieces that you put the little plastic lights in the holes and then put a nightlight inside and they look like Christmas lights).

And then Dean and Jr., we can figure out something. And Melanie always gets her earrings or a necklace from "Dad" (cookies and candies from me).

And I think that just about covers it."

BH: "ok. whatever you think".

Easy, huh? hehehe.

So I have been crocheting slipper socks like mad. I have also thought I would make a pair for each of the girls at work. Genius!! Done!!

And the VHS tape was taken into the video place and transferred to DVDs. I picked them up on Thursday coming home from daughter's. This week I plan on painting the plaster pieces. The frame has been purchased; going to the frame shop this week to have them make the matte board for the essay and picture.

Tomorrow I will make a batch of banana bread as part of Christmas gifts. I think next week I'll start to make the candy - and another batch of breads.

And right now the plan is that the Christmas decorations are going up the weekend of Thanksgiving. And wrapping all the gifts that are completed. That way I'll have plenty of time to get to daughter's to help her decorate her apartment and take her shopping.

OMG! I am really psyched! I'll let you know how far along the plans have gotten as time goes on. Wish me luck. Sometimes all the excitement

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