Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Energy Abounds!!!..........

Yep...I got into Spring cleaning!!  Got the curtains and shades done in the dining room, as well as wiping down picture frames, furniture, etc. Really not bad since heavy cleaning was just done in the Fall.  Did the kitchen cupboards yesterday - a job I absolutely hate .  Today it's very cloudy, gray with rain off and on.  Good day for baking.

So....there are 3 apple streudels in the oven and 3 loaves of bread rising on the cupboard for baking this afternoon.

Tomorrow may be cleaning the spare room - washing curtains, cleaning out the closet, reorganizing.  Then on to the utility room.  Gotta paint the inside window frames, clean out and wipe down the storage cabinets (another job that gets put off as long as possible).

Or if it rains ---- more Fasnaugts and more caramel pull-apart bread.

Got daughter's taxes done last night; hopefully tackle ours before the week is out. 

My son in NY has been laid up with a bad knee for a couple of weeks now.  I'm thinking of sending him a streudel, some Fasnaugts and a pan of pull-aparts.  Hey, if he can't go to work, he can enjoy some goodies while sitting in the recliner.

So, did regular weekly cleaning on Sunday (actually, regular "whenever the mood hits me" cleaning); laundry is caught up, spinning is coming along and I started on the front panel of the cardigan.

Boy, I hope this burst of energy doesn't fade away any time too soon.  I'm actually kind of enjoying this!  Being busy every day, getting caught up and not just sitting on my arse, watching the idiot box and feeling dumpy.  I just might get used to this busy bee thing!!

Hope you all have a great week and weekend filled with lots of sunshine, warmth and enjoyable projects!

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Judy said...

I love the bursts of energy and checking things off the to do list but then I get exhausted when the list doesn't seem to get any shorter! Can't wait to see the finished cardigan. Have a great weekend