Friday, August 17, 2012

Leaves Are Falling.......

No, this is not a song title (I don't think), it is a fact.  Yes, they are beginning to fall and change color.  Our birches are exhibiting golden leaves, the willow's are flying all over the yard and the sumac is turning a deep red.  Yikes!  Are we ready for this??  Is that why BH's "pet" chipmunk has been in a flurry gathering peanuts, running like he just had a gallon of energy drink? Hurry, hurry, hurry.....I've got a stash to finish!!  More peanuts..quick!!

I had to turn the space heater on this morning!  39 degrees outside, 58 in the house.  Just saying.

In other news, grandson and girlfriend did show up last Saturday to help clean.  We managed to get the largest room in the old house purged and organized.....6 "contractor" bags of crap to be disposed of.  A good day!  Then Monday and Tuesday, I did the other 3 rooms....and 2 more bags of crap.  And wound up with a ton of stuff for the Yard Sale.  Hoping to pull that off the weekend after Labor Day.  We still have the upstairs to do (there's that word "we" again).  It shouldn't be too bad.....a lot of camping gear to sell as well as baby furniture and paraphenalia from when the grandchildren were....babies.

Anywho, that is on the agenda for next week.  Today I go to daughter's for the weekend....into Monday.  We're going shopping.  She needs a new TV, bath towels and bed sheets.  Hoping to get a day in just walking the downtown area and visiting all the cool looking shops we've never been to.  There's also a new yarn store, I noticed.  Would love to stop in there and see what's what.   Monday, she has a doctor's appointment....a new doctor.  So I said I would take her, meet the doc and make sure she's up to speed on daughter's medical history.

Other than keeping the house tidy, spinning in the morning and still knitting the blue cabled socks, that's about it.  I am now working on the instep of that sock.....but I still have the feeling in the back of my mind that it should be frogged.  eh geeezzz.   And the blue denim-colored sweater is still sitting on my sewing table.  Haven't built up the nerve to attempt machine sewing the zipper in yet.

I am almost done spinning the 2nd bobbin of the oatmeal-colored mystery wool.  I love this wool!!  Man, it is s-p-r-i-n-g-y!!!  Spinning very nicely even though I'm picking out nubs and grit all along the way.  Yep. Again.

Skeined and washed 7 bobbins of yarn.  The black Shetland.  And then, while looking in the storage bin, because I could've sworn there was more than 7 bobbins finished.....there they were.......7 more bobbins.....single ply, every one.   How could I have forgotten that I put singles away???  Crap!!  I could've had another 8-9 bobbins of yarn!  You know what that means......another sweater!!

Well, all is not for naught.  Actually, I think I put those singles away because there is Shetland-dyed-cranberry roving waiting to be spun.  Sooo......maybe the oatmeal wool will sit a bit longer and the cranberry roving will hit the wheel.  Git 'r done!.. Ply.....and viola!!  Now that Shetland sweater will be an intarsia Shetland sweater!!  hehehehehe  



Rani said...

WELL! I know who to contact with my fleece to spinning wheel questions! I was given my mother-in-laws 150 year old spinning wheel. It's being fixed so I can learn on it. (famous last words) I can't afford a new one and the repairs are costing $150. Should be interesting. . . How do you clean your fleece? Do you get it raw? How do you get all the crap out!?

Sandie Knapp said...

I can see that you have been VERY busy. I do not envy you cleaning out the old house though. That is too much "work" for me, these days. But I too have finally managed to get some spinning done, and now some new yarn to knit with. Do you knit with your singles? I've never done that. Always ply my yarns first. I just like it that way better, for me. My friend Wendy spins and knits her singles all the time. I've never even tried. LOL

Have a great week. :)

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I was driving down river Sunday afternoon for a church supper and was absolutely shocked to see a small stand of trees dressed in their fall colors. It's much too soon yet.