Wednesday, December 16, 2015

So....Are You All Ready for Christmas?.........

Have you noticed that this is the usual refrain from everyone you meet this time of year?  I generally smile and say "oh yeah, just about".  It's a lie.  What I really want to say is....."ask me on Christmas Eve; I'll have a better idea."

Well, this year,  Sort of.  If the next couple of days work out as planned, I will have a whole week of nothing to do!  Yay me!!

Oh, of course, there's Christmas Eve dinner to prepare, but that should be a breeze....if all goes as planned.  Now, I don't want to waken the Christmas gremlins, so we'll just leave it there.

Did a new theme for the tree this year.  Our 2nd year with our artificial one.  I love this tree.  I've been doing white ornaments for years now....little angels I made in my crafting days; small glittered snow flakes, acrylic icicles,white lights and white garland.  It was very beautiful, in my opinion.

But this year, the thought of doing all clear glass ornaments that our older son's girlfriend had been gifting me with for years, and some my mom made for me many years ago, seemed like the way to go.  So, I got them out and proceeded to hang them on the tree.  I had forgotten how many there were.....quite a few.....and soooo beautiful!

I also came across a dozen small, glittered fruits I used years ago while crafting things for sale.  Since I'm not crafting any longer, I thought these would add a nice touch.  And they did.

How about candy canes?  Haven't done that for a long time.   I came across a dozen red/white pipe cleaners also used for crafting.  So, I cut each one in 1/2, formed the hook and hung them on the tree....perfect!  

There's also the white lights (the tree was bought pre-strung with lights), my favorite, and of course, the white garland and acrylic icicles.


Well, besides all that, all the gifts are wrapped....all the gifts that needed wrapping, that is.  We still have 1 person to shop for tomorrow and there's a few things coming in the mail.   Cookies are done and in the freezer as are the breads.   One box has to be packed tomorrow and taken to the post office.   I can remember when we used to send out 10 - 12 boxes each Christmas.  And I'm not talking small....oh no.  These were boxes from the grocery store that they received cereal stock in.  Huge!  BH and I used to laugh (sort of) at which cost us more.....the gifts in the boxes or the postage to send them all out!!  And back then, we were going "hand to mouth".  Geeesh.

Dinner will be on Christmas Eve, as it was last year.  Due to our youngest son's girlfriend. They will travel to her mom's on Christmas Day, and then on to a very close friend's party that evening.  A tradition she's had for a handful of years.  We don't mind.  We tell all the kids the season runs from Eve through New Year's Day.  Whenever they can make it here, that's when we celebrate.

Oh, yeah, dinner.....well, girlfriend is a vegetarian.  Last year, we had 2 pans of was meat-eaters, the other veggie.  Ah, but this year....we're having all seafood.  Fish filets, breaded/fried and broiled; crab cakes, shrimp cocktail, macaroni salad, chef salad and yummy rye bread.  Dessert is, of course, cookies and....Baklava!!  A surprise for GF, who grew up in Greece.  I didn't make it last year for whatever reason, but I'm ready to tackle it this year.   If all goes as planned.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I am impressed that you have pretty much gotten so much done, including the food planned (and such a menu). I have been working and working trying to get things done before my daughter and her family arrive in three hours for their annual two week stay. They are strict vegetarians/vegans who are also fussy eaters which always gives me pause and anxiety as what to serve. This year, instead of planning and getting food that usually goes to waste, I decided to do if on a day to day basis. I will also send them out to shop for what they want.

Your tree looks wonderful. It is nice to do something different and also lovely to decorate with ornaments that were given to you by people you cherish. Have a wonderful holiday, and I sure wish I was coming over to your house for that delicious dinner.

Linda said...

Thank you very much, Arleen. Wishing you and all your family a very Merry Christmas. Have a wonderful time with them all.