Friday, January 22, 2016

I've Got 12 minutes......

12 minutes till I have to leave to pick up daughter for a doctor's appointment.  She's been down with a horrible cold....head, chest, sinuses for a week now.  Missed all week of work.  Today is Friday....time to get to the doctor.  Because tomorrow is the weekend.  And we all know what that means.....if any medical problem is going to get most DEFINITELY will be worse on the weekend.  We're talking Urgent Care or ER.   Ugh.

So, had trouble with the car last weekend.  No power steering.  BH is saying it's probably from the cold.  -25 overnight for like 4 nights in a row.  That's actual temp, not wind chill.   Yeah, but we've had nights...and that every winter.  Why is this different?!

By Sunday, it was no better...and the temps were warming up a bit.  So he suggested we call the garage and take it in. the call yesterday....yeah....there's NO power steering belt.  It's gone.  Just gone.
Well....alrighty then.  That kind of explains it.

So...we picked up the car today....but had to walk a bit over a mile into town.....because the van wouldn't start.  Again.  If it gets below 0, it will not, it refuses, to start.  Ah....but it was 14 degrees overnight....ABOVE  0.  And it's 16 degrees now.   We walked into town to pick up the car.  To pick up daughter.  To take her to the doc.  She's sick.  And the weekend is upon us.  And we all know what that means.

Time to go.

Have a nice day.


Sandra Knapp said...

Oh my, just one problem after another. So what else is new???
Glad you managed to get to town, get the car, and I hope daughter is feeling better now. :)

Linda said...

LOL, Sandie. Really....if it weren't for chaos, my life would be very boring!! Daughter is getting better; a viral infection the Doc antibiotics prescribed, damn. I was hoping she'd get something to start knocking the gunk out of her. But she did put her on rest and off work for another week, and saline spray in the nose, breathing in steam, drinking tea with honey and lemon...all the homeopathic things I've been telling her. I'm going to start signing my name..."Mother, M.D" heheheheh.

I sure hope your safe and warm from the mega storm in the East!! Take care, Sandie.