Saturday, January 29, 2011

Right Back At It..........

I've been home for a week now. As of yesterday, everything is put away; suitcases are emptied; 3 boxes arrived from NY on Tuesday. Loaded with extras from said suitcases that I didn't want to carry with me, as well as lots and lots of treasures from my parents' house. Mostly items that I made for her and my dad over the years or that we gave them as gifts. Yes, I am reclaiming them.

Finally got all the Christmas decorations down and put away and cleaned the house thoroughly.

Ah, order. I'm an order freak. I like everything in order. I can't function in mess and chaos.

There's also been a lot of cooking going on. Need to fatten up BH as he seems to have lost some weight while I was gone. He really can't afford to lose weight. Normal weight is 155#. He's down to 145#!!

I started spinning yesterday. Pulled out the 7 oz. of black alpaca; spinning singles with black/white glass beads, size E. It'll be plied with black Shetland; I'm thinking maybe a 3-ply. I have about 3# of said Shetland.
I am not a fan of alpaca. For some reason I'm having a difficult time drafting to keep it thin. Twist keeps entering the drafting zone. Aaarrggghh. Could I really be that out of touch, not spinning for over 3 weeks? Nah. I will persevere. It will all come back to me. It'll turn out just fine.

I still have the dreaded shawl on the needles. Almost finished. I'm trying to decide if I should knit another inch or so, or keep what's left of the yarn to do some kind of edging. Picot, I'm thinking. Have to get back to the knitting.

I also started a pair of socks while sitting in the back seat of my brother's car, driving to NY. Started the heel gusset and discovered a mistake in the heel flap. I really don't want to rip it back. And I'm really not too crazy about this yarn for socks. I think the color would be better suited to a hat and scarf or maybe fingerless mitts. So that will be on the agenda, hopefully to be started soon.

A pot of ham and bean soup will be started shortly; supper tonight. Tomorrow I'm thinking turkey pot pie. I love making pot pie. I love eating pot pie. Homemade pot pie.
Well, time is slipping away. Better get started if I'm going to accomplish anything today.
You all have a great day!

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Judy said...

I have knit with beads but I have never tried spinning with beads. I had alpaca from my cousin that I loved to spin. While at Rhinebeck I bought some and put it away as it was maddening! It was so slippery. I will attempt again when my patience level is higher! Have a great weekend.