Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So it's been a few uneventful days. I've been trying to get my mojo back; any mojo. Spinning a bit; crocheting a bit; cooking a bit. You know how it is in the winter. I keep hearing this funny little voice in my head that repeats "hibernate, hibernate, hibernate". I'm fighting it will all my powers, weak as they may seem.

Spinning the alpaca is finally coming along. It's been so long since I've spun this fiber that it takes a bit to get back into it. I must say that buying alpaca at the Michigan Wool Festival was ----- BH's idea. "Buy some, buy some", he kept prodding me. So I picked up a ball of black, one of gray, one white and one brown. Hey, keep prodding me when I have visions of soft, dreamy knitted articles in my eyes and there's going to be trouble!

However, I do believe I will be stronger next time -- no more alpaca. Give me merino anyday!

I got an email from my friend in NY. She said the wool socks I sent her for Christmas as so warm and comfy, she's been wearing them every day to keep her feet warm. She asked if I could send her another pair. Now these were not thick boot socks, these were delicate, lacey occasional socks - with glitz spun in the wool. OMG! My heart jumped into my throat! She's going to wear these out in no time!

Ah Ha! The slipper boots! I made 20 pair for Christmas gifts for family and co-workers. It's a fast pattern - I could do 3 pair in a day. They're made of double strand acrylic yarn. Acrylic!! Cushy and thick. That's the key! She can wear them outside without shoes if she wanted to, for god's sake! So I am now crocheting 2 pair for her. 1 pair done, the other on it's way. Maybe I'll throw in a pair of wool boot socks anyway. But I will definitely send her a note about the other pair!

We're back into the freezer here, as weather goes. Not as bad as last week, though. Whew! 2 more months, baby! And Spring will be on it's way.

Saturday is #1 son's (also #1 child) birthday. 43 years old. I can't believe it; there's no way I feel that old! He lives in NY. I stayed with him and family when I was back there. He was talking about the chocolate/toffee bits candy I made. I said I have a lot left, I'll send you some for your birthday.

So today I will pack a box for him with the candy and some more breads. He loves the breads, too. Especially the Banana/Strawberry one. So that one and a few different ones will be on their way to him.

I did make the Turkey Pot Pie - not Sunday, but yesterday. OMG! It is much better than the Chicken one I usually make. So glad I made 2 - one for the freezer. Delicious!

Well, there's laundry to fold and another load to put in the washer; bills to pay; a box to fill and mail and slippers to be finished. Sounds like a good day. Maybe I can get back to the wheel tonight - and the dreaded alpaca! Thank God I didn't buy a pound of the stuff!!

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