Monday, February 28, 2011

Lots of Pictures!..Finally Some FO's.......

Well, here they are. And you thought I was kidding about all the knitting and projects!

The hat and fingerless mitt (I did finish both) are an unknown wool/glitz plyed with white merino, Mock Cable pattern.

And here is the shawl! It measures approximately 34" wide and 62" long. I found that the size lends itself to many ways of wearing. First photo it's folded in thirds for a scarf draped over the shoulder.

Second is folded in half for shawl wrapped around the shoulders. Third is full width and length.
Front view, full length. It isn't cockeyed as in the photo. I just didn't have it centered correctly. My bad.

Don't know if you can see the beads; glass, copper colored, scattered throughout the knitting. The pattern is easy peasy - 3 sts., 2 rows. My kind of pattern!

Ok. The color is off; one above is the right color. But you can see the picot edging. Didn't turn out half bad I thought.

The other mitt (yes. there's 2). To match the andean hat.

The second is the lining of the hat - commercially spun alpaca (a gift from my mom a few years ago). And then the hat. Knitted in one color instead of using the charts.

So there you have it. All are washed and ready for storage. I started a pair of socks yesterday. And been spinning the black Shetland. Ideas are swimming in my little brain. I'm thinking I gotta start spinning another color - soon!
Meanwhile, I got a macaroni salad to put together and brownies to bake. Yep, I've been cooking and baking up a storm for the last 3 days! WhooWho!!
The housework --- not so much.

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