Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm On a Roll..........

Ok, I finished the other fingerless mitt and washed them yesterday. Also made the tassel and attached it to the andean hat. Then I started another hat - just a regular cap this time. (Damn brain fluff; I can't remember the name of the cap style). Oh, you know - just a regular head-fitting, ribbed edge cap. Doing a "mock cable" on it; hope to have enough yarn left to make matching fingerless mitts. Man, do I love how those work up, look and feel on the hands!! To think I was avoiding making these for such a long time. What was I thinking?!

My skeins are dry, so today the plan is to ball them up while running through the yardage meter at the same time, block and press the edging on the shawl and then take pictures to post here.

Didn't spin yesterday --well no, I was sooo busy with other things. lol. Maybe I'll get some done today. My yarn stash is getting low, and I need more colors. Oh, I've got the colors - just got to get them spun up.

I've been spinning for at least 1 hour every day. That's how the alpaca got done. Otherwise, it would still be in progress. Sometimes, tho, ya gotta put the finishing touches on a finished. object. But I will persevere!

Ok. I'm off. Tick tock. tick tock. Gotta get moving if I'm going to get those pictures up here.

Have a glorious day!!

Snowed all day yesterday, and of course, we're back in the deep freeze. Thank God I have my hobbies to keep me sane. (ehhh, right? no? yes?)

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