Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm On the Edge.............

No, no. Drop the phone. Do not call the hotline. Step away from the phone.

I finally started the edging on the very tedious, but very pretty, shawl that seems I've been working on for a year!! It got to the point where I could knit only a few rows a day, waiting for the ball of yarn to get to a place where I figured I would have enough left for the edging. (Boy these sentences are long! You wouldn't believe I was an "A" in high school English).

Well I've been forcing myself this week to get this damn thing done. I have a million other projects twirling around in my brain. Not to mention the spinning I want to get done.

So I decided that I am at that point, yarnwise. Now, what kind of edging? I'm not prolific in lace knitting (is that the proper word?). What to do. What to do.

Ah Ha!! I do know how to do a picot edge! Alrighty then! That's it! And so I started. I'm half way through the first row on the first edge. Like the way it looks. I think I'll have enough yarn to do 2 or 3 rows of picot (oh, this is where the "prolificicity" comes into play!! No grammar here.) So -- onward and upward.

But first ----- I do have housework to be done today. I've put it off all week, as I always do. But the furniture has this gray haze on it -- dust. And the boys are coming over tomorrow for the Bowl game. Since they think I'm the "Best Mother and Grandmother in the World", it really wouldn't do to be choking on clumps of dust while yelling at the players on the TV screen!! That would definitely tarnish my image!!

But they're guys, you say? Yeah. But it's the choking thing that would be my downfall.

I finished the slipper boots for my friend and sent them out to her with a pair of wool boot socks for good measure. Boot socks, I'm afraid to admit, that I've had stored away for years. I was never happy with them. Too thick. Too heavy. Too stiff (overplyed, maybe). But still very usable. Especially if you're going to wear them everyday around the house!

Well, it's definitely time to get some work done around here. So I can get back to the edging. (Sorry. Didn't have a picture of the wool socks.)

Have a great day!!

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Judy said...

With big projects I go in engines roaring and then I hit a lull where it drags on. Eventually the steam builds up and I finish it as fast as I started it and wonder why I waited so long! I just started a shawl. It's all charts which I am not good at so it will be a while before it is done. Can't wait to see yours.