Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Snail's Pace.......

I am not fast at anything.....anymore. Age? Maybe. Weather? Could be. Boredom? Sometimes.

Oh, I have great intentions. I usually plan out a day's activities the night before. Then morning comes. Planned activities get usurped with other matters.

Case in point: I have not touched the spinning wheel in 4 days. Planned to. Wanted to. Excited about finishing the alpaca. But my mind is elsewhere. I finished the shawl a few days ago. Pictures will be posted eventually. Right now said shawl was put in the storage tote. It needs to be washed and the picot edging blocked. But I like to have a couple of items to wash at the same time.

But even spinning seems to take soooo long! It never goes as fast as I expect it will. It takes forever to fill a bobbin. I know what you're actually have to sit at the wheel and spin in order to fill a bobbin. You're right. I know this. It just takes me a while to get there. The funny thing is....I love spinning!! Why can't I just sit down and do it!!?

I have started another "Andean" hat. It's 1/2 finished but it will need a lining. It's merino, fingering weight; very soft; very limp. That's ok; it will be done. And the plan is to knit fingerless mitts to match.....hopefully, they will not have to be lined.

While getting bobbins out of a tote, I noticed there's 3 bobbins of plied yarn that need to be skeined and washed. These were finished.....oh, I don't the Fall. Then there's a couple of bobbins with leftover singles from another plying venture. I need to Navajo ply these. At least it will get me some yarn to be used a future color charted project (you know, I can't think of the word. My mind has turned to oatmeal). And free up those bobbins.

Yesterday I was alone in the house.....all day!! Great plans running through my oatmeal brain. Ah, but first, there were blogs to check out, bills to pay on line (which is not as easy as they make it sound), laundry and dishes to be done and emails to be written. That took up most of the day. Time for lunch and a nap.

I did, however, get back to the knitting in the afternoon and evening. That's a "plus", I suppose.

The idea of setting up the sewing machine and all the paraphenalia is also jumping around in said brain. I'm itching to get started on some quilts and handbags. I sorted out just the perfect material for these bags.......a couple of years ago. They're in a storage tote.

Some years ago (5 maybe?) BH and I had the idea to take all the photos we have accumulated and sort them out according to the kids and their families. We even bought the albums to arrange them in. These were going to be Christmas presents.

Well, the photos are still sitting in boxes. The albums are sitting in the closet. We really need to get these done. I would love to get started on them this year. We'll see.

All of this better be sorted out and a plan put together because in a couple of months, it'll be Spring. I have paint and redecorate the living room, remove and repaper the hallway, paint the utility room and bathroom and do the general Spring cleaning throughout the house. Because come Summer....we're outta here!! We got some traveling to do!! Camping, site-seeing.

I wonder how long it'll take me to accomplish these plans. Right now, I'm going to the wheel. Watch I go......I'm going to sit down now......I'm going to start I, really........

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Judy said...

I have heard of spinning 10 mins/day. I did it and was amazed at how much I got done but then I let a day slip by...and another...and another. I know I have to get more regemented as I have a lot of roving/fleece.