Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is This Legal??...........

So, yesterday I'm looking over my bank account to make sure everything is copacetic, as I had done some shopping the day before and paid with the debit card. The new debit card. The bank switched to a different company. And here we go:

First I see their balance is nowhere near my balance - they show a lot less money in my account. WHAT! I check the postings. OMG! I got charged $75.00 for a $31.50 gas purchase at the pump. Oh No. Oh No. Oh No.

At this point, I start doing the "chicken dance", running in circles, arms flailing, head shaking ---- and yelling. Lots of yelling.

Well----print out the bank document, grab my receipts (thank God, because half the time BH DOES NOT collect the receipt from the gas which I am now saying to him "this is why we take and save receipts!! $#&@%%#!! I throw my clothes on, he starts up the car-----and off I go-----loaded for bear!!

I calmly ask for the manager. I start explaining what happened the day before. He starts shaking his head knowlingly.

"We've been having a lot of trouble since the new debit cards came out. The credit card company is charging the limit for a gas purchase - $75.00 - when you use the card at the pump. After they post the charge, you'll be reimbursed the difference in your bank account. A lot of people are wild about this! AND --AND--if you don't have the funds in your account, the purchase still goes through and you get charged the insufficient funds fee. We've been telling customers to come inside the store and pay for the purchase, and we can't put signs on the pumps notifying them of the changes".

Well, after much discussion, I am satisfied that my money will be returned. I need to call the bank today and register my frustration. I was too exhausted by the time I got home from the gas station; did not want to deal with fake patronizing or a surprised "oh we weren't aware of this" explanation. I most likely would have let all the ravages of Hell loose on the bank employee!

So, I come home and tell BH the news. He says "we need to look that up on the "card changes" sheet the credit company sends. I don't think that's legal; they can't get away with that. We need to check that out."

To which I say: "We can't check it out." "Why?" he asks. "Because we throw the notices away, like you say to do. That's why." "Oh" was his response.

Yes, yes. I know I can probably look this up on the computer. But I'm not telling him! And I'm pretty sure it's legal. Afterall, everything a credit card company does is.........."legal"!! (wink, wink).

Buyer beware!!


hoboknitter said...

i became aware of this on one of my cross country trips. a couple of gas stations out west had little teeny tiny stickers saying as much. for someone traveling on an even teenier budget, this could have disastrous effects. my credit union doesn't do this, but i will be alert for changes, now. i 've talked to people who said it took multiple business days to get the reimbursement. would love to hear your results.

Linda said...

I sure will do that,hobo. Yep, they told me about 3 days to get reimbursed. We'll see.