Monday, March 7, 2011

You've Got to Be Kidding Me...........

So, I'm cleaning our bedroom Friday, dusting and vacuuming. Just for the hell of it, I pull out the scale and decide to see what my weight is. First mistake. Oh. No. This. Can't. Be. ...... How did this happen!!??

I have gained 10#s since losing my job, mid-December. Oh yeah!! The holidays!! Everyone knows we gain weight! Whew. No problem. I can lose this easy!

Funny, that's what I used to tell myself a couple of years before I went back to work and I was putting on 10#s a month!! I really thought there was something medically wrong with me....something I didn't want to know. But I was comfortable in my skin (of which there was more and more)........until I see photos of myself, or I had to keep buying larger sizes of clothes. The kicker was when I started wearing the clothes my daughter has outgrown ----size 22. (She DOES have medically problems and has always been a big girl).

And from the time I went to work, 2 yrs ago, until said December, I lost 36 pounds! I was really fearful of putting that weight back on. Looks like the fear is becoming a reality!

So now I'm on a "no lunch" diet. A glass of milk is all. Smaller portions at supper and rarely any desserts. Of course, I know that there has to be some sort of exercising involved too. That's what Spring cleaning is for!! But that won't take place til next month.

For now, it's spinning. Nooo, not on the stationary bikes that is the rage these days.......the old fashioned spinning - with a spinning wheel. I know. I know. The only activity is peddling the treadle board. But at least my calves will be shapely! And of course, leaning over and changing hooks on the flyer. That's kind of an aerobic exercise -- stretching, leaning with my arms.

I do have 2 aerobic dvd's. I just have to pull them out of the tv cabinet. They're stashed waaayyyy in the back of a bunch of old movies and a defunct Nintendo game system. I just might have to do that. As soon as I find the time.......

On a brighter note, I have one sock finished and the other is half done. However, I received a phone call Friday from one of my ex-co-workers. She asked if I could make 4 more pair of the boot slippers that I gave her as a Christmas gift. She and her daughter love them so much, they would like an extra pair. Of course I can. She also offered to pay for them (that gets ya inspired!), so we agreed on a price. I think today I will bring over my tub of (ak, ak, cough) acrylic yarns and get started.

The smart side of my brain tells me to offer her the pattern for these slippers --- just in case she'd like to make some up herself ---- after I deliver her 4 pair, of course. She does crochet, but I don't know if she's done anything other than afgans. We'll see.

Had son and grandson over for dinner yesterday - turkey and most of the trimmings, with a cherry cheesecake for dessert. (Eh, yeah. Mistake #2) Yum!! Everything turned out great. Then we played a board game after dishes were done. It was nice to spend some time with them. Last was Super Bowl Sunday, but that wasn't my bag, so it was mostly the guys hanging out with me being the "waitress".

I'm making good progress on spinning the black Shetland. Got the 3rd bobbin almost done. Maybe 2 more bobbins and that color will be finished. However, there is still about 4#s of grey Shetland still in waiting! Ah, but there's plans for some of it. I've been buying up KoolAid all last week at the grocery store (it was on sale). I've never dyed a colored fiber before, only white. So I think this will be very interesting. The gray Shetland is shaded from very light to medium. I picked up Black Cherry, Lime, some kind of Blue punch and regular Cherry mixes. Plus I have all different corresponding colors of Wilton paste dyes. This should be fun!! My brain tells me it will be fun. Okey dokey, then.

The bobbins of alpaca/beads needs to be plied - with the Shetland. I'm thinking of starting that this morning. But I don't feel the mojo for that. I really need to be relaxed, in the mood and in a concentrating state to ply this; really need to pay attention to spacing the beads. And because it'll be a 3ply, this takes even more attention. Not sure I'm there today.

There's some laundry to be done today, straightening up the house and a couple of errands to run. Don'tcha just hate it when your day is interrupted by these mundane bothers?? Seriously takes away "me" time. Well, at least I won't have to cook supper tonight -- leftovers!!

Hey, did you see the Helix scarves in SpinOff magazine? These look so cool. And the pattern doesn't seem difficult. Now I'm thinking of whipping one of those up --like, right now. Today. Or tomorrow. Just something different. I hope I have enough yarn of a color in my stash. Don't really want to start spinning another color just for this project. Because I don't move very fast. It'd be another 3 months before the fiber was spun, plied and prepared to this project!

I better get moving. So much to do; so little time. You would think that just getting your blood pumping with excitement and running back and forth to the "stash" room would cause a person to lose at least 2 - 3 pounds, right?? Hey, it's worth a try!


Heather said...

I totally think that stash running burns calories!! So does stash organizing, and of course spinning is in a class by itself!

I love dyeing over colored fibers, it adds extra warmth to the colors, and a shading to the hues.

Judy said...

I second that stash running burns calories! And spinning is great for the calves and an aerobic exercise. I did however join weight watchers just in case I was wrong!