Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good News......Bad News.........

Good news: It was 36 degrees yesterday!! Can I get a "WhooHoo!"? Sun was shining, snow and ice was melting, roads were dry. I even opened the window in family room for the afternoon.

Bad news: We went to the casino yesterday - my makeup day from a few weeks ago when I couldn't go, but BH and son did. Hey, I'm owed my day of fun! And......we lost! Nada; zip; zilch. This doesn't happen very often - we usually walk out with at least as much as we walked in with. Ohh, that hurt!

Good news: BH had enough points on his members card that we had a great lunch in the dining room -- for free! Hehehe, we'll win one way or another!

Bad news: We're supposed to get snow today, and a snowstorm this weekend. Geezz. This is getting monotonous! Seriously playing on my last nerve.

Good news: I started the slipper boots for my friend this morning. I should have all 4 pair done by this weekend. (I know - she ordered 3 pair, but one is for her aged mother in law. So I figured, why not make the lady 2 pairs for herself also).

Bad news: This puts my spinning and finishing up the second sock on hold for a few days. I don't do good at being distracted from my appointed tasks. I think I have ......ADFD....Attention Deficit Fiber Disorder. Thank goodness I have an ample stash to keep me focused! I won't have to run to a fiber shop to get me back on track.

Good news: Although.......going to the fiber shop is always in the best interest of my health -- not to mention anyone else's who happen to be living in the same house with me! (Ahem....)

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Heather said...

ADFD is definitely the reason I have 6 wheels. I keep a project going on each one.. But those dang fiber shops, then they just distract me more and bury older stash, and somehow it never seems like I have anything to spin, despite the closet packed with wool that threatens to explode if the door is opened. Sigh.