Thursday, March 24, 2011

There is a Gremlin Here..............

You know, a fiber gremlin. Geezz, I hate that. I've been working on 2 pair of socks at the same time. This might have been what coaxed the gremlin to rear it's ugly head.

Brown socks have taken a back seat while I finish burnt orange socks since the 3ply skein has been dried and balled up. However........just finished the toe on sock one. Only to discover it is a couple inches short of intended length. Oh yes, I measured the foot before starting toe decrease. More than once. Yes, it measured just over 6". A good length.

However, after the toe was finished, it looked like the same length as before. Yep. Way too short. The gremlin strikes again. This will have to be ripped back.

Only now that the sock is just about completed, I'm not so sure I care for it at all. Needs to be ripped back to the heel and do over. I'm not happy with the sole; should've stayed with the doubleknit instead of 1/1 ribbing. Crap. This means the second sock will have to ripped back to the heel also. Definitely a gremlin.

This is what happens when I think I'm so smart and can do more than one project at a time. Ain't gonna happen. C'est le vie.

I think I'm going to step away from knitting and get back to spinning. Got 2 bobbins of 3 ply black Shetland/beads done; looks like maybe 2 more bobbins to go. I also stripped some white Shetland (hey, I didn't know I had this!!! Wow!) that was found when sorting out the stash. So itching to start spinning it up.

But.......I had just better concentrate on getting the black plied and finished. Because I know what's lurking around here somewhere. Just waiting for the opportunity to screw something up again. Oh no. Not this time. I'm hip (hep?).

Another snowstorm hit us yesterday. Actually it started Tuesday night and lasted til yesterday afternoon. Which it ended much sooner than the weather man had predicted. And we didn't see the 8" - 14" that he spouted we were getting. Just a few inches but the winds - ah, this prediction was dead-on - oh yeah. 40 mph? Sure seemed like it; the roof sure sounded like it.

Computer is still acting up. After working on it for 5 days or so, I have given up. I can still read the mail and blogs; still get to the necessary sites without too much trouble. So, what will be, will be. The only thing that worries me, yeah, gremlin. You don't suppose it has other interests besides knitting and spinning, do you?!

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