Monday, March 14, 2011

Eh..Same Old; Same Old.............

The bed is made, dishes put away, load of laundry in the washer and knitted 5 rows on the second sock, with 5 more to go before starting the toe decrease. Pretty good, huh?

Still need to make breakfast, pay a few bills and run an errand. Oh, and call girlfriend and tell her the slipper boots are done.

I've been consistant with the spinning - maybe 8 oz. more of the black Shetland and that will be finished.

Yesterday I courageously entered the spare room where the fiber stash is held. Decided to sort out and pick the next color to spin. I do believe the winner is white. Just plain white. Ahh, but maybe not so plain. This has not been determined yet.

Although I have no plain white yarn spun up for projects, the idea of spinning the fiber with irridescent glitz or maybe the crystal glass beads is intriguing. For this future yarn, I have a plan. But I really need just plain white. Geezz. It may be way too early in the morning for this decision --- maybe it'll come to me later in the day.

I did come upon blue fiber. 4 different shades to be exact. Ooohhh, it looks beautiful! Oh yeah. I can see beautiful items created of this future yarn. no. no. Think white.

Of course, there's 8 oz. of red fiber that needs to be finished spinning. Already spun 8 oz. some time ago, and readily knitted socks. I should really finish this up.

And then I opened the tote with the HUGE batt of a non-descript wool purchased at St. Peter's Woolen Mill about 6 years ago. (sigh). I had forgotten how soft and what a beautiful "oatmeal" color it is! Oh Man!!! What a great Aran sweater this would make! Actually, this was the plan for it when purchased --- to be a gift for my sister.......for of these years. I even bought pewter buttons with Irish symbols embossed on them.......8 yrs. ago. (bigger sigh). Yep, buttons before the fiber. Horse before the cart. Blogs before work. It's me.

Well, ya know, you don't get much done while sitting at the computer, reading blogs (which is my favorite thing to do early in the morning). I better get my arse moving and get something accomplished today.

The sun is shining. Temps should be agreeable. Wheel is waiting. Everyone have a great day!

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