Saturday, August 13, 2011

The End is Near..........

Of all the summer hubbub, that is.  Thank goodness!  Wow, for 2 retired people who don't do much....this has been one heck of a summer.  And, as usual, not filled with anything we had planned for ourselves.

Niece's wedding was last Saturday.  My sister and "adopted" sister flew in from NY and drove up to our house on Thursday.  We had 2 days together before all of us drove down for the wedding.

It was a beautiful wedding, with the usual little hiccups that always seem to come into play.  But what would wedding memories be without them!

We came home on Sunday;  had to take daughter to ortho doctor Monday morning.  A swollen elbow she's been dealing with since October!  12 weeks of therapy, brace, pressure bandage, ice, heat -----and it is still there.  No xrays were taken back then (!), just a diagnosis of tendenitis.  Turns out it is tendenitis, or so the Doc is pretty sure.  But he did schedule her for an MRI just to be positive.  Can you say "Duhhhhh"!

This week I've been concentrating on spinning and knitting.  I'm plying the light and denim blue together, a 3-ply.  I love the color!!  I'll wind up with 5 bobbins full.  I finished the poncho except for the collar.  So that is sitting in the tote bag until that mojo comes back.  I started a watch cap and mitts set.  Found a nice intarsia pattern.  It turned out really nice on the hat.  Only now I'm at the point where I need to decide how to finish it off.  Decrease to form a rounded cap, or square it, stitch together, form 2 triangle points on the inside, stitch them together, and ------ it forms a squared off ski cap.  The instructions are in "Homespun, Handknit" by Linda Ligon.  I love this book; lots of good patterns.  It's my "go to" book.

Next Saturday, we are due to go down to son and fiance's to help them move to their new townhouse.  I volunteered to bring supper and dessert down for all the movers - 12 at last count, including us.   I have the menu planned out in my head, I just need to get it down on paper and then write out the corresponding shopping list.  And I need to get started with the baking and cooking -- like Monday.

I just pray that next week and the weekend we have decent cool weather!  It's been very nice this week; sure hope it continues at least til next Sunday.  Then I don't care.  We will be done with our summer obligations!!

And for our prize-------we're going to the Wisconsin Sheep Festival the weekend after Labor Day.  Can't wait!!  Had to miss the Michigan festival AGAIN this year; haven't been to the Wisconsin one in 3 or 4 years.  I'm really excited!  We're thinking of making it a week-long camping trip.  3 days somewhere and then 3 for the Festival.

Hopefully we'll be able to get a couple more camping trips in before the cold weather sets in.  But if not, there's next year.  Oh yeah.  We're already planning LOTS of trips.  Just like we did this year............!!??  Ahhh, to dream!!

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