Thursday, July 28, 2011

And the Beat Goes On...........

This is the time of year when all the days start running together.  Can't remember what I did 3 days ago, don't remember what day this is, need a calendar, a note on the fridge, and notes in my purse to remind me what needs to be done day to day.

I do remember that for the past week, a lot of little tasks have been accomplished.  "Little things mean a lot...." so the song goes, as do the days.  Housecleaning, to be sure; clean the coffee pot, clean the bottom of the fridge, weedwhacked, pulled the weeds around the pool, re-glued the tiles on the kitchen wall that came loose - due to the high humidity last week, washed the fingerless mitts that were finished a couple weeks ago, filed daughter's paperwork, spinning a couple hours each morning, do some knitting.  And round and round it goes.

BH went fishing on Monday, so I took advantage of the time and cleaned the bathroom, straightened up the house, did a couple loads of laundry, paid the bills, wrapped and boxed a gift for grandson, went to the post office, the bank and the grocery store. 

Tuesday afternoon went to daughter's, stayed overnight, took her shopping yesterday for an outfit and new shoes for the wedding next Saturday.  While at her apartment, I cleaned her A/C filter, fixed her glasses (the screw came loose, and the lens fell out).  We also went and got a few groceries, so I put those away for her, fixed dinner for us, did the dishes, went through her mail and took what needs to be filed and responded to.  She treated me to lunch while we were out shopping.  Had a nice time; got everything accomplished.

Today is a "freebie".  I'm just going to putz around.  I do have to do some serious grocery shopping and plan menus for the 2 days my sister and friend will be here (Thursday and Friday next week).  Gotta figure out when to put that on the list.  I do have to write out 3 birthday cards and get them in the mail today.

Gotta go to a graduation party on Saturday.

Wedding is Aug. 6; driving to the Cities on Saturday morning, picking up daughter on the way; staying overnight at the hotel; visiting with family on Sunday at my brother's; Monday, drive back to daughter's and take her for a doctor's appointment.  Did I mention she lives and hour from us? An hour there, an hour back home. The oil corporations are very happy.  

The weekend of the 20th, back to the Cities to help son and fiance move to their new house. Did I mention that's a 3 hour drive for us - one way? Cha-Ching!!  I'm toying with the idea of preparing a supper and dessert to take down there for us all.  We'll see........

I think we're free after that.  No more commitments.  That might change after daughter's doctor appointment, we'll see.

Looking soooo forward to Labor Day weekend.  Then it's all over.  Summer is done.  It'll be time to hunker down for the Fall and upcoming Winter.  My favorite time of year.  All the tourists are gone from our small resort town; I can finally go to the grocery store on the weekend without spending half the day looking for a parking space and waiting in long lines to check out. Kids are back in school, people are back to their regular routines.  Ohh, Happy Day!!

I feel like I'm forgetting something.  There must be something else coming up over the next month.  I gotta go check my lists.

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