Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The birthday party, that is.  Everything turned out great; everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Only the weather was a problem --- super hot and very, very humid.  The "I can't breathe" kind of humid.  But we all survived.  Half the crowd left at 4:30pm Sunday; the other half at 5:30.

And BH was sooo happy!!  He thanked everyone over and over for coming and thanked me many, many times for the party.  And he didn't want any celebration for his birthday!! Hehehehe.

Monday, spent the day cleaning up and laundry.  Tuesday, spent the day tearing down, stripping down beds, laundry, errands, bills, filing, and re-configuring the fridge by moving leftovers into smaller containers.

I also managed to strip the blue SW merino roving, so now I have a whole basket of it to spin.  To be plied with the light blue regular merino.  At a later date.  Much later.

Today is cleaning up the front yards; we had straight line winds on Sunday night.  The yards are littered with tree branches everywhere.  Then some pool maintainence and possibly clean out the van.  We plan on going camping next week.  Don't know where yet.  It won't be a State park because ---- the state is SHUTDOWN!!  13th day? something like that.

Anywho, as you may recall, the van is loaded with all the gear we had to extricate from the camper to make more sleeping room over the weekend.  It all was put in there willy-nilly.  Now needs to be taken out, sorted and repacked.

Today is also supposed to be our last cool day (yesterday was, too).  Then the heat and humidity are moving in again.  The weather guy said it looks like it could last until the end of the month.  OMG!  I turned to BH and said "ehhh, maybe we better re-think the camping trip".  No response.  So I guess we're going.  I may need to remind him that heat and me do not get along.  I turn into the camper from hell.  He might want to re-think this trip.

Besides the onset of the heat and humidity, there is also the issue of Social Security checks for August.  Have you heard?  The President, in an interview Monday, says that unless congress can agree to a budget next week, he cannot guarantee that recipients will receive their August SS checks.  Oh yeah!  People better get off their duffs and start calling and writing their congresspeople.  Communities should be reserving the buses right now; and protest marches in every town should be forming.

Are you frickin' kidding me??  Millions of elderly and disabled will not get their money because of these freakin' idiots???  I DON'T THINK SO!!!

All I can say is anyone who votes these assholes back into office needs to be put away for their own protection -- as well as the general population's.  Both parties need to be thrown out.  Start over.  Try something different.  Could it get any worse?  Ya know, there's a saying.  "When you've dug a hole too deep to get out of, stop digging!"   Yes, and let's all throw the dirt back onto these morons and bury them!!

Sorry for the rant.  But anyone who is on Social Security should sit up and take note.  Pay attention, people.  They mean to do us serious hurt!

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