Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is It Cooler in Alaska??..............

I need cool.  Help. I can't stand this heat and humidity another day.  I told BH if we wanted this kind of weather, we would've moved down south!  This is Minnesota, for God's sake!  You know, -60 in the winter; 8 feet of snow on the ground; not 110 degrees with 100% humidity and only dropping to 80 degrees at night.  This is insane!  Who lives like this?!  Who wants to?!  The weather people keep saying it's more humid here than in the Amazon jungle.  OMG.  Bring on November ----- please!

You can't cook in this weather.  Even using the microwave makes you feel like expiring from heat exhaustion.  Can't clean the house; just getting up to go to the bathroom causes sweat to run from every pore in your body.   Can't do laundry.  For sure I don't want to hang it outside to dry (would it even dry in 100% humidity?? I think not.) and can't use the clothes dryer with the A/C running - trips the circuits.  (Shades of "Green Acres" -- you know, Lisa had to unplug the coffee pot to plug in the toaster....).

Just for the record - and any meteorologists out there - BH tells me if it WAS 100% humidity in the house, it would be raining in here.   Yeah.....well........

So we will go in the pool this afternoon for a couple of hours.  That helps a lot.
Have homemade subs for supper (gotta get to the store first thing and pick up a couple of items), drink gallons of water, and keep the ice pack on my body, moving it from one part to another. 

And praying.  Lots of praying.  This is supposed to be the end of  MN. tropical weather for a while.  Tomorrow promises to be better.  And through the weekend.  I gotta go light some candles and say a novena.  Oh wait......candles=heat.  Maybe I'll just turn on all the night lights.


Judy said...

And it is coming our way. Thankfully these spells only last a short time. Like you I can not even imagine living with this for any length of time. Enjoy the pool

Heather said...

It has been miserable! When I lived in Missouri, summers were like this, or worse, all the time, but you had no snow/blizzards/ mosquitoes. I think that's what I hate. Nothing to look forward to except snow.

Try the movie theater, or a mall. They tend to be cooler and can help a little bit.