Saturday, July 23, 2011

Somebody Was Pulling Our Leg..........

Before I get started on this topic, I want to thank everyone for their comments to the blogs.  It's greatly appreciated, gals; nice to know you're being read - I try to read about 40 posts every day and comment when I can.  Sure hope you gals get out of the heat very soon - it's not good; not good for anyone!

Anywho, we were duped; tricked; lied to. Or someone doesn't know what the hell their talking about.  The heat wave didn't end Thursday.  It proceeded onto yesterday.  89 degrees; 60% humidity.  Ok.  Not sweltering. But it was still more heat than expected.  A/Cs and all 7 fans running full blast.  BH cutting the grass - 6 hours.  Sweat pouring off him like a slow running faucet.  He came in the house about every hour for a glass of ice tea and put his face into the A/C.  The poor guy. I felt so bad for him.  Told him to do 1/2 and let the rest go til Sunday.  No. He wants to get it done.  He's stubborn that way.

Not nice, weather guys! Not funny.  Not professional.  Or did the weather gods pull a fast one on you?  In that case --- never mind.

Ahhh, but today --- it is 60 at 10:00am.  We had a bad thunderstorm go through about 7:00am.  Still looks like it could return at any time.  Temps are only supposed to be in the mid 70's.  There's a cool breeze blowing in every direction.  Hang on Judy and Heather.  It'll be coming your way soon (God, I hope so!).

So yesterday, while BH was killing himself outside, I was putzing around in the house.  Wash the tops of the kitchen cabinets and the kotchki's; cleaned the kitchen exhaust fan; cleaned the whatchamacallits on the front/bottom of the fridge.  You know.  The fins that collect all the dust.  Stripped our bed down, washed the mattress cover, hung it outside (never thinking I would eventually have to go back outside to retrieve it!); changed out the blanket; folded a load of wash, did the dishes.  "What's for supper?"  asks BH.    "Ehhhh, Dairy Queen" says I.

Nothing today because I'm definitely anticipating more rain and wind.  Tomorrow, weedwhacking and pulling the rhubarb.  Maybe more laundry.  Hang the sheets outside.  It's supposed to be in the 70's!!

Caution:  the weather guy is saying that the heat and humidity will be returning by the middle of next week and into next weekend.  OMG!  Somebody BETTER be pulling our leg!!

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Denise said...

Whew, that made me tired just reading it all.

I'm looking forward to cooler temps, but that won't happen until sometime in October. That's when all the snowbirds flock down for winter. Not looking forward to them.