Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fassnaghts.....Must Be Lenten Season

So, last night we're watching the idiot box when BH says "ya know what you haven't made in a long time?  Fassnghts".  He proceeds to ask me what's involved, what the recipe calls for, blah, blah, blah.

"Ok.  I'll make you Fassnaghts.  I have some loaves of frozen sweet dough in the freezer; I think that'll work; I'll give it a try."   And so I did today.

Well, "shut the front door!!!" ........they turned out great!  As if I had proofed the yeast, measured out the flour, sugar and cracked the eggs.  Easy Peasy!  Alrighty then....we'll be having Fassnaghts more often.  Only we'll be calling them  "Fry Cakes".

My mother made Fassnaghts every Lenten season ---- all Lenten season.  Those and Hot Cross Buns.   Yummmmy!!  I used to make the little fry cakes from scratch when all the kids were young - and at home.

Since it's been just me and BH, not much of the heaving lifting (baking) gets done from scratch anymore.  I guess it's one of the blessings of being empty nesters.

Oh, and pardon, if anyone knows what I'm talking about -- I think I spelled "fassnaghts" wrong.  And I'm too tired to get up and look for the recipe.

Well, that took care of 2 loaves of sweet dough.  With the third I experimented and made a cinnamon bread, kind of like a "Monkey Bread" (I have no idea why it's called that. It doesn't look anything like a monkey), complete with a glaze of melted butter, honey and brown sugar.  Again -- yummmmy!!  Well, it's looks delicious and smells heavenly.  Can't wait to see if this goes into my baking repertoire.

This week the weather's been kind of up and down.  Crappy weekend and beginning week.  Today - beautiful.  Supposed to be nice til Monday or Tuesday.  They're saying more snow.  Geeezzz.

I finally got the mint green socks and the earflap hat washed.  Even made a tassle for the hat.  So they're put away now.  I've got about 10" done on the denim blue sweater.  Loving it!!  Can't wait to get it done.

Still haven't touched the wheel for quite some time.  It keeps sitting there starring at me, with the basket of stripped batt beside it.  I added irridescent Firestar to the strips.  Oh, but I told you that already - I think.

Granddaughter posted on Facebook, Monday, I think, that she was out walking her dog and some guy pulled up in a van and tried to grab her.  She was so scared and surprised that she never got his license # and doesn't know what kind of van it was.  All she said was he had long hair and was wearing a baseball cap pulled down over his eyes.   My heart jumped into my throat. I just felt sick to my stomach. 

Well,  I'm going to go read a chapter before dozing off for an hour.  My last of the 3 "Castle" books.  That'll make about 6 books I've read since before the holidays.  Gold star for me!

Wait a second......maybe no nap.  BH has just snuck into the Fassnaghts.....again.  By supper time, there'll only be a few left out of the 2 dozen....and he'll tell me "I'm not really very hungry for supper".  And I'll have to smack him.  "Little boys never really grow up; they just get older".

Hope winter is treating you all very nicely.  Every day is one more day closer to Spring!!

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Judy said...

It all sounds delicious. Less than a month until we turn the clocks a head!