Tuesday, February 7, 2012


The socks are done! Didn't have to change the toes.  They still need to be washed.  And the earflap hat still needs to be hemmed and ties sewn on.  I'll get to it one of these days.  Yesterday I started a sweater with the blues.  Only a couple of inches done.  I think it'll turn out ok. I'm kind of winging it.  You know -- a little from this pattern, a little from that.  That's how I roll.  Of course, it had to be ripped out once already, just after the ribbing.  Pattern didn't seem quite right.  Let's hope it's the last rip-out.

OMG!!  "Castle"  did not disappoint!!  What a great show.  I wish they'd do more like that.  BH and I agree that should the show ever close (tears welling up),  Kate and Rick would be great at a series based on the old time  "Thin Man" movies (William Powell and Myrna Loy).  Anybody remember them?  Those were great movies; lots of one-liners; very funny.  Anywho, they would be perfect as Nick and Nora Charles! Imho.

Putzing around today.  I haven't done any spinning in 3 days.  Just haven't had the spark.  Maybe tonight.  Nothing on the idiot box tonight for us.  Tomorrow is a run into WallyWorld.  I have come to hate that store, but it's a necessary evil for a few things.  Just a few.

You all have a great day.  Hope you get to do whatever it is you love to do.  Me -- I'm going back to my knitting.

P.S.  Lynn, check the replies on the last post.  I put the chicken wing recipe there for you.  I wish blogspot would let us post replies to replies back at the blogger instead of on our own reply box!!

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Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Love Castle! Don't know why, as most of it has been done before, but I do enjoy it so.