Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Surprise Myself!

So after the wool festival at Lake Elmo, it's time to get back to work.  Last Wednesday, the weedwhacking got done;  Monday, the flower planters got....planted, the lawn ornaments put out, the solar lights set up.  In between, the house got a good cleaning, took daughter to the doctor one day and went back to put in her A/C Saturday.  Sunday, got the winter clothes packed away and brought out the summer ones.

Yesterday it was cleaning and setting up the camper.  Kids are coming for the holiday weekend, need the extra sleeping space.   Called the plumber yesterday to install the new kitchen faucet.  BH had attempted to replace it himself, but  the plumbing is old and it's been quite a long time since a faucet was replaced.  He said everything started turning while trying to loosen the water supply connection.  Stop.  Do not attempt.  Put down the wrench.  Call for service.

So last evening, at supper time, came the plumber.  The son of our regular guy.  First time we met him.  What a great guy!  Very polite and thorough!  He even did a few extra things under the sink to update the plumbing.  We were so thankful to him.  Great job!!

Today is grocery shopping for said weekend.  We already had one son bail.  I hope this doesn't turn into a month of leftovers for a few days' meals!   And according to the weather report........rain, rain and more rain is in the forecast.  Doesn't that just bite?!  Of course!  Why not!!

But I digress.   So....between tomorrow and Friday, a little straightening up, maybe a load of laundry, some cooking and baking.  Gotta put some new seal around the vent in the bathroom and plant flowers in the 2 deck railing planters.  BH has to cut the grass.....again.  3rd time in 6 weeks.  I hope this isn't a repeat of last summer.  I think we didn't do any traveling because the gas that would've gone into the van......went into the lawn mower.

And speaking of traveling.......a week after Memorial Day, we're going camping again!  WooHoo!!  4 days at Lake Itasca.  Monday thru Friday.  (If you're retired, a senior citizen, you've raised and released a passel of kids, you've been on trips with very young grandchildren and you've emerged with a modicum of sanity.......then you know why you don't want to be in a campground on a weekend!!  Been there; done that.

On the fiber front, I finished knitting the denim blue sweater.  Bought the twill tape and zipper last week - now I just have to put it in.  Working on a pair of socks ----- that are taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r to finish the first one.  Don't know what's up with that.   And spinning the rest of a BFL batt.  I gotta get some pictures up here.

So, things are moving right along at an even pace.  Lots to do yet, but we're getting there.  Still debating about the pool.  Not sure if we want to go through the hassle.  Especially since we're planning on doing a lot of camping this summer.  So much, we want to be sick of it.  We'll see.  But as my reasoning to BH ---- "one day of 96 degrees, at home, and the pool is well worth the trouble!!"

I'm already planning out things to get done this Fall.  See --- that's my problem.  When I'm on a roll, I start thinking way ahead of myself.   Then I collapse.   From mental exhaustion.  And the list gets extended-----to next year.

Onward and upward!!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a very busy time as your place. Hope you have a great weekend. Looking forward to seeing the sweater. :)

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

If I were to go camping, it would be in a fully equipped Winnebego parked next to a Marriott.. Funny, all my children love it and go at least twice a year. The desire to fight the elements must have come from a recessive gene.

We also have those tent caterpillars here in Pa. I guess they have their purpose, although, I don't know what that might be.