Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh Boy! What a Great Time!..........

So.....we made it to the campground last Wednesday.  Had great weather; the campground had a very nice Host couple.  We had a great time.  So good to get away from home and relax.  No TV.  No radio.  No newspaper. No phone.  No computer.  Peace and quiet.......priceless!

And Saturday....the Lake Elmo Fiber Festival!!  We got there just before 9:00am.  BH wanted to leave the State Park at 7:00am!!!!  I told him the festival doesn't open til 9...what are we going to do for 1 1/2 hours???   Anywho........

Lots of vendors this year and lots of fiber variety.  Much different from last year, it seemed to me.  This was really, really enjoyable.  I didn't take any pictures......too excited, I guess.   Like a kid in a candy shop!  You know the feeling!

This year I've been trying to diminish my stash.  Made a pledge to myself "no more fiber till I've spun up almost all of what I have."  I don't need any more fiber; I really don't want any more fiber.  Well, that all went out the window.  Of course when you have someone by your side, whispering in your ear "buy that; buy that; buy that", it's not hard to lose your determination!  BH is a sweetheart that way.

So.... we came home with:  4 oz. of greyish Icelandic roving;  8 oz. of white Columbia roving; 8 oz. of a faux cashmere in beautiful painted colors of turquoise, blue, brown.  It has a name I can't think of but I'll dig out all my treasures and post pictures soon.  Also picked up 12 oz. of a space-dyed generic roving in shades of pink, from almost red to light pink.  And 2 oz. of white silk roving.  Yep.  I'm gonna try spinning silk.  We talked to the gal for a long time.  She explained the whole process of obtaining silk (she has her own worm farm) all the way through how to spin it.

Quite a haul, wouldn't you say?  I'm sure I'm forgetting something else.  Anyway, so I better get all the household/outside chores done quickly.  I've got to start reducing my stash!

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Judy said...

Enabling husbands are the best! Have a great weekend