Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Have a List........ know what I mean.  It's the season, afterall.  Actually, I have 6 far.
*A few things yet to pick up next week for gifts.

*A shopping list for my daughter.  Gifts, decorations and such.  Spending 2 days with her next weekend to decorate her apartment and go shopping.

*Groceries.....for the Christmas buffet.  No sit-down dinner this year.

*The cooking schedule....when to make it, what to make, what can be frozen beforehand.

*Supplies need for I seem to be running out of something every day.

*My daily planner.  This is the most important.  Without this list, I would be scurrying "willie-nillie", forgetting to do this and that until time is running out.

BH has been telling me every day since Sunday that I'm way ahead of myself; I'm in good shape......list wise.

Ehhhh....yeah.  I just looked at the daily planner.  I'm already 2 days behind.  The house decorating should've been finished today.  It hasn't been started.  I've been baking breads. 

And apparently, I've lost my ability for "dove-tailing"!  I used to be the best at "dove-tailing".  I could do 3 or 4 jobs at once.  Bread takes an hour in the oven; put the lights up on the windows.  Next batch in the oven; put the garland and lights above the cupboards.  Another batch; wrap the slippers that were just finished.  Cookies in the oven; clean a room.  More cookies; add more decorations. More cookies; do a load of laundry.  Etc., etc., etc.

None of this has happened.  Except the bread.  But in defense of myself, it's been one batch after another.  One's in the oven, another is being whipped up, pans being prepared.

So...I'm thinking......yeah, everything's humming along smoothly.  Then I looked at the daily planner.  The decorating has to be done by Friday in order to catch up.  And Friday afternoon, we have to meet a dear friend for lunch in town because she's going on a cruise during the Christmas holidays.  Won't be here; we won't be getting together at that time.  So, that'll take care of most of the day. 

I think it's best if I don't look at the daily planner for a few days.  Since I left myself a 5 days before Christmas with nothing to do, that should give me plenty of time to catch up!


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I have quite a bit done compared to everybody I talk to, yet I am behind also. Today I was thinking about how I used to be able to multitask and accomplish all the things I planned. Now I get distracted and instead of using all my time productively and sticking to a schedule, I do what I feel like at that moment.

Not to worry, what does not get done does not really matter. People matter, so go and enjoy your lunch with your friend.

Judy said...

I lose lists or leave them home when going shopping! You will pull it all off and all will be fine.

Rani said...

GO GO GO!!! Also, do you have some downtime, put your feet up, paint your nails, scribble, be lazy time scheduled in there?

Linda said...

Lol, Rani! Not til Dec. 26---my favorite day of the season! Hope you're doing well.